• No, they generally feel inferior.
  • It does depend on the person and the job...but the more education you have generally means more responsibility, so there could be some connection. Ignorance is bliss they say!
  • An old quote: "Where ignorance is bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise." Not sure it is completly true Diminished economic ability is not a good thing for living Happily. Uneducated people are usually POOR.
  • Probably "Ignorance is bliss" there must be some truth to the saying.
  • it could be. People who graduated from good, famous university and work for big company can feel pressure from the judgement from onthe people in good way and bad way. They can be proud of their education.But, it always involves the expectations from the society. Once they get into the cycle, it is difficult to get out. Because their much pride disturb to do it
  • Very often yes. I think all depends on who they are, how they live, and what they have been educated in.
  • I think those are happier who is not more educated but those who have a happy married life. :)
  • im not sure, but i don't think education matters as to happy you are.
  • We sure are... Seriously, I think that less educated people become happier as they become educated.
  • Possibly, because they don't know what opportunities they're missing out on as a result of being poor and uneducated. But then again, it could be that they feel like they're missing out on something and just don't know what it is. Going to school won't make you happy, but if you're not, it will help you understand why.
  • Yes. Ignorance is bliss
  • By "less educated people," I am assuming you mean ignorant people. I honestly think they are. Less educated people usually aren't very big thinkers, so they don't run things through their heads as much and process as much because they choose not to. In comparison to an educated thinker, who tries his/her best to not be ignorant, will think about alot more that can cause severe depression. Have you noticed that most great minds (Not necessarily good though) like Frederich Nietszche (Existentialis philosopher), Abraham Lincoln (Fomer President of the United States), Hitler (Revolutionary that began the second world war), Albert Einstien (Theory of Relativity and the Atomic Bomb), H.P. Lovecraft (Father of the modern horror tale), Edgar Allen Poe (Classic horror tale writer), and countless others have all had times of depression in their lives that created them ultimately into who they were? It was because they were thinkers! Thought brings about depression, but I also believe that it is capable of bringing a hapiness that ignorance cannot bring; and a considerable amount of knowledge that can benefit you. So in general, "ignorance is bliss" and most non-thinkers are happier. But if utilized right, knowledge is a greater euphoria.
  • Education is not a foundation for happiness. You can be the best and brightest and choose to be miserable. Or, you may be a struggling learner who makes the choice each day to make a difference in your life and the life of others. Happiness comes from within and is not about intellect.
  • Highly educated people have the burden of knowledge.
  • Yep. Ignorance is bliss
  • How would they know?! ;-)
  • Less educated people find out later in life that the job of their dreams requires a certain education (and a degree in it), and it cannot be achieved any other way. No dream, no happiness.
  • You could consider education as excess, in the form of a diversion from initiating your next movement.
  • yes because they care less who they disturb while going about the day. Most live in a bubble.It is ME,Me Me.
  • No I don't see that that has anything to do with it. Anyone still has to put the effort in.

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