• Something to do with the fact they are contradictory to one another.
  • If you believe in God you believe that He created everything, but if you believe in Evolution you believe that all living things just exist in and out of itself. Thus contradicting that you believe that God made everything.
  • I happen to believe both! I'm serious! What a concept, huh?
    • dalcocono
      Yup, me too.
  • I belive that God created the universe, and the worlds in it. I also believe that evolution is part of God's plan to further development of his creation. Every person has the right to their own believes. You should not let other peoples opinion to change your basic values, the things that makes you the person that you are.
  • It's possible to believe in a god if you also believe in evolution but it's not really possible to believe in the Yahweh/God/Allah figure of Judaism/Christianity/Islam. . For example, pretty much everything in the Bible/Koran relating to the time before Abraham is immediately repudiated by evolution. So if the entity that you believe in didn't actually create us you have to ask in what sense he/it is a 'god'. . The concept of original sin from Genesis vanishes, as does Satan. So then what does Jesus come to earth for ? As Jesus himself clearly believes in Satan he can't really be divine himself - unless the entity that you believe in is not omniscient, which leads you again back to the question - in what sense is this being a 'god'. . You also have to then consider the Bible in it's entirety. If huge and important chunks of it are simply made up, why would anyone believe that the rest of it is any different. . It's a bit like pulling at a loose thread on a piece of clothing - pretty soon the whole thing falls apart. You can believe in a 'god' and in evolution but the 'god' in question is either limited in power or has a very limited interest or involvement with the human race.
  • I meet people who claim they believe in both all of the time. It's just an effective straw man argument. The majority of people (at least in this country)claim to not fully believe in evolution. Of course such things tell you nothing about whether the two are ACTUALLY compatible or not. I don't know, however, whether this is intentional fallacy or not. It works on people because most Christians claim not to believe in Evolution, it's just a number game, people think it's probably true based off of the people they've met. I say it's a straw man argument, because what will happen however the debate turns out, is that Christians, like many Christian scientists I know will just say, "we know THAT God created everything, we just don't know HOW." This is the strongest position on the topic that I've heard from Christians, but when trying to refute "Christianity", non-believers when talking to no one in particular will attack the weakest argument possible on the topic, and then follow it with something like, "That's how I know religion/Christianity isn't true". When the argument is used to knockdown Christianity, which it can't, it is a straw man argument. It's possible that some of these people who say this just don't know any better, they just go off what they've heard. Sometimes, they will even hear that the two are incompatible from religious people themselves, further complicating the matter, whether the religious person happens to know much about it or not. However, some other non-religious people are just as bad about wanting "converts" to their side as the religious are, perhaps for political or social reasons. For people who do not have many facts to go off of or do not use logic well, this is an extremely effective tactic to use, whether it's intentional or not.
  • god is a concept for followers. evolution is a concept for people who need evidence and not myths. you see?
  • People have a black or white mentality. For many, there is no such thing as grey.
  • I think it's because they think that to allow any sort of evolution idea diminishes God's role in the Universe. They want to believe that God is the Alpha and the Omega... the beginning and the end of all things. If God wasn't directly involved in evolution, what role does he play? Did he just create the Universe and sit back and watch it evolve on its own? Did he shape evolution? To what extent? It just opens up too many uncomfortable questions for them. Personally, I think the people who believe both in God and evolution are desperately seeking to avoid an argument (including with themselves). They want a solution that no one will complain about, but it simply is not possible. These are two diametrically opposed, irreconcilable ideas.
  • How do you know? Probably more likely that MOST people don't give this any thought at all. ------------- "That was some '24' episode last night!" "Oh man...Jack Bauer is really in a jam now." "Can't wait to see how they resolve this. So, how are you coming along with your position on God and the theory of evolution?" ------------- Yeah...we've all heard THAT conversation.
  • 5-14-2017 Because God is the God of rightness, and evolution is clearly wrong. It is commanded by some bunch of people who claim that authority and people are forced to pretend to believe. Every bit of evidence to support the theory has been exposed as a hoax.
  • Many people believe that others shouldn't believe something if they don't believe it. You can choose to believe whatever you want, it doesn't even have to be true or sensible!
  • The Theory of Evolution is a debate between Atheists and Creationists. It has been ongoing ever since Charles Darwin published his theory in 1859. In a no god belief of Bible skepticism, Creationists defend the book of Genesis. It describes the creation of the world and all the life in it over a period of 6 days.
  • Because evolution deems there is no creator, that all life forms came from nothing.

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