• Actually, on this other forum site ( there was a college kid advertising his late night radio show where he did songs and got jokes from callers. I didnt call, but i posted a request on the forum and he said he'd get to in 10 minutes. I didnt think he'd play it, but he said my name, state and song XD It was very neat, hearing my name on the radio! hehe :3
  • There was a song for which I had been trying to figure out the performer and song title. It went on for about a week. One day, I was flipping through the radio stations when I heard the song on the radio. Just after the song finished playing, they announced their station phone number and said that they were taking requests. So, I called in and asked and they sort of paused for a second and told me what it was.
  • I've requested songs and entered contests. I have won a couple of contests, but the prizes weren't much to brag about.
  • I used to call in high school. I'd request songs so I could tape them off of the radio. Ahhhhh, I miss Mix Tapes. And I most definitely won a pile of CDs and a couple of T-shirts :-P
  • I call in to sports talk radio every once in a while....opinions and questions. Pain in the butt. You are usually on hold for a while.
  • I called into my local hit music station, and requested that they played lolli lolli by three 6 mafia. It was my best friends favorite song at the time, and i got to introduce it live and give her a happy birthday shoutout:)
  • I requested a tune on the radio
  • it was to request a song. i was on hold for almost 30 minutes (was is relatively short compared to previous attempts). then once i got a person on the phone, i requested them my song.... then, the song i requested never came on! yeaa - it was a stupid thing tht just wasted my time. =( i was very disappointed. =(
  • I'm banned from calling a late night talk show for saying 9/11 was an Inside job and possibly the work of mossad. I also called in one night saying Obama is a Jewish puppet and his policy is no different than Bush. Again, they disconnected me once they found out who I was. LOL. Anyways, some government agent visited my house and asked me a couple of questions. They showed me a list of websites I visited and told me to stop calling the show and spreading the truth.
  • I've called in to request a song ... and to give comments on the daily topic .
  • There used to be a rock show on the radio when I was younger and every week my friends and i would phone in for their competitions. They had a competition where they would say the name of a band and if you asked a question relating to the band they didn't know the answer to, you won a prize. I would just make up any old rubbish, like for instance for AC/DC I asked what was the name of Angus Young's dog, and when he said he didn't know I said it was Spot, for which I won a prize. I have no idea if Angus Young owns a dog.
  • I've called in to request a song and called into a talk show on numerous occasions. Went fine.
  • I tried to call-in, on the Art Bell Show, but I couldn't get through. Just to talk on the show's subject.

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