• No, not that I recall.
  • no, ive never had that happen
  • I almost never attend any concert; so finally I did and it was my favorite music group YES. I thought it would be extra special to sit right in the front. Anyway; I didn't stay long, only a couple songs. The music was so loud my ears hurt, I couldn't stand it.
  • I almost always get front row seats. It's my planning. I go to a lot of small general admission shows for rappers so you just gotta get in abs go straight to the stage and just wait.
  • Big name acts always give all of the front row seats to promoters. I've only ever been in the front row if the show was first-come-first-served or standing room only, or if it was a smaller local act, or, in one weird case, when the promoter/manager screwed up and a well-known singer somehow got booked at a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere and my wife and I found out about it by chance, since there was no advertising.
  • I knew a cast member in Hamilton and she sat me in "her" row.

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