• Dyed it gray for a halloween costume.
  • Had it dyed.
  • I don't know what the heck happened to it but it ended up looking like I had an afro!!!It was aweful......
  • My sister worked as an receptionist at a school of cosmetology. When ever a student needed to complete something to graduate she would call me to be the subject. Once a girl dyed my hair a copper penny red. It was very much an attention getter at the nursing home I worked at. The residents perked up when I would walk in to the room. I kept it for a week but had to calm it down because it was much too much for the average person. Another time a girl dyed my hair black and it looked like I plopped a wig on my head.
  • Let it grow.
  • Had a Mohawk 40 years ago...other than that....nothing.
  • Had a mohawk.
  • Coloured it sort of red...thought it was in at the time,lol....had to wait 60 washes to get it out :(
  • I shaved off my hair completely once. But it grew back and in 3 months I could have my old haircut.
  • I've spiked it all out and painted it gray.
  • colored it jet black for no good reason -- it was a bad idea
  • Got a perm once when I was quite young. No thanks!
  • Ever seen "There's something about Mary"? Yeah, nothing like that. I used to shave it all off.
  • I am naturally brunette. Decided one day outta the blue that I wanted to go blonde. So, I tried to color it myself at home and ended up with very orange hair.
  • Well being as I like long , braided or dreaded hair, the strangerst thing I eva doen was shaved my head.
  • i've shaved it twice and had trihawks once
  • Back in the day when lines in the side of your head were cool I decided to try it. I had hair down to my butt, all one length. Used my sisters buzzer(she is a hairdresser) and pulled up some of the hair on the side of my head just in case I didn't like it and buzzed. I thought , hmmm this looks good until I put my fingers thru my hair and realized it cuts the whole length not just a line. What a dummy
  • Last summer I streaked it blue and pink. It was so pretty! :o) hehe...
  • i got my hair bleached to canary yellow. it was a wild thing to do.
  • I had my hair coloured Blonde and then decided I wanted it Dark Brown so I put a semi permanent on it and it came out a Smoky Grey Green.. I loved it but it washed out the next day and I could never get it again.
  • My hair used to be 30 inches long but that wasn't exactly the strangest thing I did. I grew it out about 18 inches at one point and shaved it into a Mohawk but let it hang naturally. It was actually quite comfortable. Now if it gets to the 1/2 mark I shave that crap off.
  • Gave myself a perm then decided it might look good blonde so I bleached it good, (the same day). OMG, you could have turned me upside down and mopped the floor with my head, my hair was so damaged, stuck straight up all over. I was taking antibiotics at the time which caused a green stripe down one side. Wish I had taken a picture, it would be funny now. Had to have it cut real short, never did that again. (I was young)
  • i had a green undercut when i was 16
  • Worked a job with 3 girls who all used to give me a hard time about having longer hair than all of them & who always got their hair cut shorter in the summer. At the time, my brunette hair was past my shoulders. One morning before work I just happened to be passing by the salon owned by a friend of one of my co-workers & I decided to stop by to buy some hair care items. We had a brief chat about my co-worker's frequent comments about how much cooler short hair was in the summer, and her new cut & color. When I asked her how long it would take to do a cut like that, she said "About an hour & a half. You want one? It would look cute on you & I could do it right now." I was in one of those moods that day, so I said "Ok. let's do it". She was laughing as she asked me if I was kidding, & I said no. After several "Are you sures?" she took me to the sink & washed my hair. I then sat in the chair and she combed my hair out while asking me several more times if I was sure, before she took some pictures of the before look. "Last chance!" she said before picking up her scissors. When the style & color was finally done, she took some after pictures. Before turning me to face the mirror she said 'Ready for it?" I nodded, she turned me around. I now had a short haircut with wispy "frosted" bangs & cheek points. When she showed me the back, I saw that I also had blonde highlights throughout my hair. It was now about 3 inches at its longest layers & got shorter until it tapered at the nape of my neck!! It was almost worth it just to see the looks on the faces of my co-workers, particularlly my new "twin"!

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