• I would take you to Stirling castle and the William Wallace memorial. Then we could shoot over to Loch Lomond too.
  • Captiva Island, to South Seas Resort, eat fresh grouper and conch chowder, and retire to the beach at sunset for some fantastic photos of the Gulf of Mexico. If you are lucky, a dolphin or manta ray will jump as you're snapping the picture.
  • I'd take you to jungle, ride on elephant back, where u can see really wild tigers around u, scary!!
  • riverwalk!!
  • Fantastic photos??? You've never been to my town, have you?
  • Landmark Bistro for lunch, Schwan's museum for a quick trip, then off to the Red Baron museum. We have some of the loveliest parks I have ever seen here and you can get some fabulous pictures when the flowers are in bloom.
  • You got lucky by stopping in my town (the entertainment capitol of North Texas). First, we'd get up early and hit Six Flags amusement park. We wouldn't stay long because we'd have to walk right on over to the new 1 BILLION dollar Dallas Cowboy football club, and maybe catch a game in the new stadium. Then, we'd be off to the Nature Center, which connects to one of our big parks, where you could take some nice pictures and examine some of our local flora. Then, if you had ANY energy left (at all), we'd stop in at the Ballpark in Arlington, and catch a few innings of major league baseball, and my Texas Rangers. It's a good thing we have the Hilton Hotel, or the Courtyard, by Marriott ... because you'd need several days to recuperate!
  • I live in a tiny little town in Northern California, only 300 people. So there isn't much to do. I'd have to take you shopping to the local market to get us some grub for a couple of days and some fishing bait and ice. Then we'd load up the horses and mule and head out to the Lover's Camp trail head, into the Marble Mountain Wilderness. You would have to learn real quick how to pack a mule, so we can load up our pack boxes and bedrolls and fishing poles. Then we'd saddle the horses and get on and ride out to Sky High lake. You can take all kinds of Wilderness photos along the way. Maybe you can get some of a bear or dear. When we get there we will set up camp, go fishing and cook fish for dinner and eat it along with what ever we bought at the store. Next day we will take a different route back to the trail head so you can get more breath taking photos of the Marble Rim and then head home. It would be a whirlwind wilderness trip.
  • Take you skiing on Alyesta, where you can take great photos also, swimming, guy activities, partying with the other skiers, then lunch at the chair lift 5 restraunt where photos are also great, then off to a hele ride over the area to see all the different mountains like Mt McKin and the sleeping lady, then a baloon ride over the other side of the mountains, and a few hour train ride to Seward and eat and see the idirod trail and city and then back to Anchorage and off to a hockey game and then to a afterparty and off th the night life. Then home to bed.
  • You'd find yourself in Chicago. For lunch, we'd have either a Italian Beef sandwich (kind of like roast beef, but much better). For dinner, we'd have steak at the Rosebud Steak House. You'd have your choice of the Sears tower, John Handcock Building, or Navy Pier for something special to see, but for pictures, I'd highly recommend one of the two skyscrapers. If you are in the mood for shopping, we can walk along Michigan avenue, or if you'd rather have a slightly more peaceful walk, we'd go over to the lake shore and walk on the path. In the evening, just before sunset, we'd end up at the Planetarium which provides the best views of the Chicago skyline.

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