• Mm... you had me go up and look up what it is. Interesting, though. Uh... you can't. All that metaphysical stuff is just another theory you have to take in. Because of our limited perceptions, we really can't extend beyond simply theory at the moment, although we may speculate freely and logically. But sometimes, things are not logical. So the answer is, disproving solipsism is impossible. The answer is... who knows? :)
  • Pick up a bloody great pipe and bust his legs. Then say, "NOW do you still deny my existence?" : D
  • solipsism - n. theory that the self is the only existing or knowable thing (Philosophy) . which part are you trying to disprove, that the self is existing/knowable or that everything else cannot be ?
  • This form of philosophy was developed by someone who did not get the idea of "Peek-a-boo"
  • We can dismiss a solipsism pretty easily by arguing an opposite position to it's logical conclusion. We just have to be careful about creating a new solipsism in order to argue away the solipsism in question.

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