• Well, you could actually eat some raw chicken or something. Since you're not a good actor, I would suggest actually making yourself sick. Do it with some raw chicken, or I am sure I could send you some stuff to make you ill for 24 hours... +3
  • If you would like to induce vomitting drink Ipecac syrup avail at pharmacies but dry mustard mixed with milk is an old world homeopathic option
  • Drink a skinful the night before, you will get a hangover and be really really sick...this is such bad advise so please don't take
  • go but some liquid laxitive and drink the bottle, you will definitely not be able to go any where.
  • go lick some public toilet seats
  • Put out some food to spoil and then eat it.
  • Ok bad acting...Eat a lot of shellfish the night before and then actually eat a bad clam or mussel. This will absolutly get you out of any and all the next day. The catch is you might also be praying for death. Use at your own risk.
  • I was going to suggest laxatives but why don't you want to go to the wedding?
  • How about just doing the mature thing and telling the bridal party or kin the truth--that you prefer not to attend. You're gonna dig yourself in deep...the first lie will produce a second lie which begets a third ...all to keep the first lie in place. Truth has a way of sifting through the layers of bs.
  • Take two tablespoons of castor oil. I guarantee you'll not be going ANYWHERE, except to the john! Heh!
  • you would rather be sick then go to a wedding?? are you crazy? whos wedding is it. just tell them youve been throwing up all morning and you have bad diraeah, if you use the phone there is no acting involved! just a few lies or eat mouldy/rotten/raw food that'll work or swallow something chemical like (eg loadz of toothpaste or soap) you wont be feeling to good after that, or drink loads the night before untill your sick
  • Watch "two girls, one cup"?
  • Eat as much ice cream as you can, drink water or soda with LOTS of ice, stick your head in the freezer a bit, if it's cold outside, stand outside for a while... I'm pretty sure you'll get sick
  • Why don't you just be ADULT about this and send your regreats and NOT go .... ? I do NOT attend weddings , don't like them for some reason ; so when I get invited to one ; I send a small note with my congratulations etc ..wishing the couple a Happy Life ..BUT I do not go ... +5
  • Drink a lot the night before. you will feel sick the next day!
  • just tell them you have other plans, its not worth getting sick over
  • 7-30-2017 Take some acting classes and learn how to act like a man. Then tell them you're not going and let them figure out what to do about it.
  • just tell them you have other plans if you dont want to go
  • just tell them you got other plans, no need to make yourself sick

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