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  • If it were a "best" friend I would listen to his/her reasons. After all, a friend is a person who has your best interests at heart, on whom you can always count to watch your back, and who will never knowingly do anything to hurt you. I don't have friends that would do otherwise. So I would listen, investigate, evaluate and think about it. Friends don't lie...sometimes "lovers" do. I will bank on a friend whom I've known for a long time more than a new-found whatever any day of the week. :)
  • I'd be trying to find out what they are saying that and verifying whether or not it's true but if my best friend simply didn't like my s/o that would be just too bad.
  • I think I would want to know the reasons first. Is this bestfriend of the oppisite sex. Friends can do that out of jealousy. Maybe they are not happy so they dont want to see you happy, in that case they are not a friend. I would try to get as much information as possible before I called off my wedding. This friend better have some evidence to back up there reasons.
  • I know it would be for a serious reason, and so I would certainly listen and discuss and come to a conclusion depending on the situation.
  • no, bro's before ho's
  • Hey man, I stuck with you through FIVE seperations with your wife. Give me one.
  • Wow, tuff question! Would certainly listen and take in to consideration their views!
  • No! I'd shake my friend's hand and say, "What the HELL was I thinking. Thanks!"
  • It would depend on the reason they had for not wanting me to marry the person. If they had solid proof of some kind of infidelity or abuse perpetrated by my 'intended'...then you bet your butt I would listen to them. If they came to me with a 'I just have this bad feeling" kind of reason...then I would probably just try to reassure them that I knew and loved my s/o and that I was SURE about what a good person my s/o was.
  • i would still marry him
  • No, because if my best friend waited until I was already engaged & didn't warn me before, she really wouldn't be my friend. Plus, when I was getting married all of my ex husbands friends told him to run & he married me anyway
  • I would listen to his/her reasons, but ultimately make my own decision as I am the one to live with the consequences.
  • Everybody told me and my husband that becaose he is black and i am white and 11 years older than he is. That was 26 years ago and we are still together. Not perfect but still together.
  • That happened to me.. I married him anyways I lost alot of ppl in doing so. they were haters anyhow :)
  • i would listen to your friends reason behind telling you that.but i would NOT base my wedding on what the friend said. I got married at 19 and my husband was 26 so people said we should wate but im so glad i didn't listen to what people said cause i love him more and more every day! good luck hunny
  • I would mary them, its my life, my decision.
  • I would have to know WHY my friend would tell me that.
  • There would have to be a really good reason behind their worries. Then if there was a good reason I would talk it over with him (maybe leave out the part that all my friends hate him) and see where to go from there. This wouldn't happen though. If anything my friends can't wait until we do get married.
  • I'd ask why she felt that way. I'd also ask why she waited so long to tell me how she felt. I'd thank her for being concerned and showing me she cares, and also explain my feelings. I'd make my decision based on how I feel, my opinion is the one that really counts anyway. I'd still marry him because it wasn't a rushed decision, we've already been talking about it and planning for 2 years.

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