• No, I would feel sure that the first one took.
  • Estrus, the time in the cycle that a bitch is most receptive to being bred lasts about 4 to 7 days. If your Bitch was bred by two or more different Dogs during THIS TIME, it is quite likely she may well have puppies from ALL/BOTH Dogs that bred her. WHY ARE YOU CONTRIBUTING TO MORE PUPPIES IN A WORLD WHERE UNWANTED DOGS AND PUPPIES ARE PUT TO DEATH BY THE HUNDREDS EVERY SINGLE EVENING AT DOG POUNDS AND SHELTERS WHO ARE NOT "NO KILL?" What part of the OVER POPULATION PROBLEM, have you not heard of? I challenge you to visit your local pound and take a good look at the great, loving and wonderful dogs that are on LAST DAY...these dogs will be put to sleep TONIGHT. PLEASE GET A CLUE.
  • That's what makes the world go around. don't be a hipocrite
  • Red, that whole thing where the dog will have pups from both males sounds totally and scientifically incorrect. Not sure if you took your biology class, but the first sperm(or more than one sperm,spermatazoa) to the egg(s) is the winner. All other sperm are then blocked off by a barrier the egg produces after being fertilized. And by the way dear, don't be harsh. :)

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