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  • Yes please!
  • Too many uneducated, immature people and naive children.
  • I have never used marijuana, or any other illegal drug. And I believe the war on drugs is stupid, and the war on marijuana specifically extremely stupid. Many people realize that the "war on drugs" is just an excuse for the government to take more power unto itself at the expense of the people; and more are waking up to that fact every day.
  • There are a number of aspects to your question. There are evidently a few good things marijuana can be used for such as for pain. The biggest problem seems to the the misuse of it same as with alcohol. I have no desire to use it and would not. I also essentually do not drink alcohol either. Personally I do not know if marijuana is really any worse than alcohol. Other drugs do have very bad effects on the body.
  • Drug dealers are the only people i know that DONT want it to be legal. As soon as cannabis is legal they need to find new drugs to sell. and who wants that hassle?
  • Someone downrated me for an accidental post? That's kind of mean spirited, don't you think?
  • There are other methods of taking/getting those drugs. If a person is that much in pain there are options open to them in abundance. All the way up to and including heroine in a controlled non abusive manner. Be honest, anyway, no one wants marijuana legalized for medicinal purposes. They would only be able to get it with a prescription and that simply would not serve their purpose. They want it to get high. You know it, and I know it. Whether or not you admit it is completely another story.
  • to me this is a hard question, morally i think it should remain illegal, but thats because thats how my parents raised me, but i have smoked before and alot, and i think back on the places we went to buy weed and the danger involved. As a parent i think about the negative consequences when getting caught buying a 5$ bag a weed. i think about smoking in dangerous places to avoid getting caught, then the aspect of not qualifying for college student aid if you have a simple marajuana conviction. there are so many other drugs that are far more dangerous. I smoked through college, and if i had not i probably would not have finished, i needed that relaxation. my dilema is having a 17 year old that smokes weed. i rather him do it at home than in the streets because he is gonna do it anyway, i would hate for him to get caught up at a dope house trying to cop, so what does one do? My kid does not smoke in front of me or around me but i was a smoker so i know a smoker when i see one, i can say quit but thats all i would be doing is saying it, because you dont stop until YOU are ready. so to keep my kid safe make it legal, afterall its not crack, and i never robbed anyone, never stole my parents belongings, never sold myself or any of that other stuff people do for other drugs. when i didnt have money to smoke i didnt steal i just hit my friends joint. HARMLESS
  • I do. There should be no federal law whatsoever regarding any drugs.
  • This is a hard question: I enjoy grass. I very much doubt it can be any worse for human health than tobacco or alcohol. However, like it or not, it does make people complacent. That's the very reason it's such a good therapy for the pains of chemotherapy. It makes you 'okay with it' psychologically. Aren't Americans fat and complacent enough already?
  • 1) People who need it to treat their glaucoma. 2) RETARDS who don't need it who have far too much time and money on their hands.
  • there should be no federal laws dictating to sovereign states. so yes.
  • If you want somethin that can mess your head up totally, then yeah!
  • 1. Nice, relaxed people. 2. Douchebags.
  • Yes I do
  • satan s follower and who drink wine.5
  • It already is legal where I live. ;)
  • I do. Legalizing marihuana would save the government big bucks by eliminating the outrageous costs of the "war on drugs" whilst bringing in revenues from the sales taxes it can generate
  • Eh, it makes no difference to me at this point in time. I mean if it could be legalized like any other herb (like SAGE, ROSEMARY, CHAMOMILE FLOWER) then that would be great. However, I believe they are dragging their butts becasue they are trying to find a way to profit immensely from this. There are SOOOO many people who partake of herbal refreshment that it's just asinine to keep trying to pretend they are in a "drug war" when we all know that the shiz is being filtered somewhere else for some politoco's cash benefit. Hey FCC and whoever is listening...THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT!!!
  • Probably the same people who are ignoring the laws and using it anyway.
  • i do..... it would be sweet to be able to smoke while i am on probation.....
  • The real question is who doesn’t want it legal! I think it will make the economy a lot better. It will give people jobs, less people will be locked up and a lot of other stuff. Yeah its not going to all happen right away but in like 2 years it would be all better.
  • Let's say the federal government has banned aspirin, or even just required one to obtain a prescription to use it, citing the fact that aspirin can be harmful in large amounts, and must therefore be a controlled substance. You have taken aspirin for years; you take a regular dose for it cardiovascular benefit, and a larger dose for an occasional headache. You do not find the government's decree a violation of your civil rights?
  • Legalize it!
  • I don't smoke marijuana, but I still believe it should be legal.
  • I don't.
  • yesssss please. I want to abuse it so much more than I do now, but the cops are all up in my grill. but seriously. yes please

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