• Your belly button ring is growing out. Your body has rejected the jewellry and so it is moving further and further out and eventually all the skin will disappear and the piercing will just fall out. This happens quickly with some people but never in others. You may get it repierced but it will hurt more because it is going through scar tissue and it may happen again.
  • It is not that normal to have the skin peel off. It does happen though. If you are putting anything like alcohol or peroxide will try it out and that could be the main cause because its drying out your skin. My friend did that and the skin that was holding her piercing in, disinagrated because of using these products. The best thing is to use pure saline solution for contacts three times a day.
  • my belly did the exact same thing, i suggest u take it out asap as mine just became more and more painful and now i have a nasty scar
  • It's normal if it's peeling a little. That means it's healing. Also, if it's itching that's a good sign. Just don't scratch it because you will irritate it and cause an infection. Make sure nothing can irritate the sight, I.E belts, and pants, sleeping on your stomach, constant bending over or strenuous activity. Just don't use any peroxide or rubbing alcohol; that will kill good cells you need for healing, thus create scar tissue which will eventually lead your piercing to be rejected. Make sure you soak it in sea salt water (do not use table salt since it has iodine) 2-3 times daily and avoid using scented or antibacterial soap and antibacterial jelly. However, if the skin between both piercings is shrinking, you might have a problem. The piercer might have neglected to use complete nickel free jewelry, the bar might be too short, you might be allergic to the bar, or proper care of the piercing has been neglected.

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