• Well two ways really: 1. Don't go on the internet. 2. Okay, so you really, really want to go on the internet. Here's my advice. Firewalls, firewalls, FIREWALLS! By using a firewall you can filter out "most" viruses, trojans, and worms. There are several different firewalls out there, and some of them are free while others require you to pay. Some of the ones that must be paid for also have free trial versions to see if you like their software. Personally I use Zone Alarm by Zone Labs. I paid for my version, but you can download a free shareware version of Zone Alarm to use as your firewall, which I first did before I bought mine. Most firewalls come with standard features such as program control (allowing which programs can use the internet and which ones can't), I.P address control, notifications options, etc. McAfee is also a good one. The intranet system that everyone uses at my work has this firewall installed on every machine, and so far it's kept out every single virus that's gone around. Additionaly to using a firewall, run a system scan (Norton Anti-Virus, etc.) for viruses weekly (the firewall keeps out most but not all), and you should also use a program called Ad-ware (anti-Spyware software), which deletes all the tracking bugs and hidden programs that are inserted into your system without asking permission when you browse some internet sites. Some of these programs are Xupiter, Gator, GAIN, etc. You can find all related information and programs on these sites:
  • If always scan your computer with update then not able to worm in your computer.

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