• I believe that the revulsion we feel towards physical grotesque deformities is a trait evolution itself as brought about. Not all evolution causes physical deformity, so the answer is yes... humanity can indeed evolve despite our fear and hatred of those who are different. Generally the mutations which cause "freaks and monsters" are not helpful to the person, and many are infact harmful and not beneficial at all. These are considered evolutionary dead-ends and we feel the need to destroy them so that further 'freaks and monsters' are not spawned if these people carry on to breeding. I'm not saying this is right or fair. Life is not fair, the weak perish and the strong survive. If a man has a deformity which has removed half of his face, females will not mate with him because he does not conform to the biological template we recognize as attractive. Its nature. Insects such as ants will often destroy members of the colony who are born abnormal or deformed, simply because they are not recognized as part of the hive. Due to this, Humanity's evolution will be towards ever more attractive, socially acceptable people. In fact, if we prevented those with weak immune systems or other genetic disorders from breeding these would be wiped out in short order. Consider... if everyone with the genetic traits for Sickle-cell anemia, a disease caused by abnormal genes inheireted from the parents, was prevented from breeding then they would not pass those genetics on to their children. After several generations, noone would be born with sickle-cell anemia unless the mutation reoccured.

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