• I was able to stay home with my 2 oldest children until they went to school and I would not trade that in for anything in the world. My youngest was almost 4 when things took a downward spiral in our finances and I had to go back to work. I believe the best choice is when a parent can stay home with them.
  • In my country they can have a paid sabbatical leave for two hears.
  • Regardless of gender roles, society would have been better off if we maintained a nation of single income households. This is because duel incomes ultimately lead to greater income disparity. This is because a societal increase in income does not increase spending power. Rather, it causes inflation. For example, suppose every family in America had their income double overnight. The result would be a bunch of people with extra spending power, but absolutely no change in supply. Thus, the prices of everything will go up. This is exactly what happened when we we transitioned to a nation of two income households. The price of housing and other commodities went up because supply was the same, but demand went up due to families having duel income. Of course, those families who do not have duel incomes (e.g. single mothers) got relatively poorer. And then there is the collateral damage as well. Since families need two incomes due to the inflation, both spouses usually have to work. This means that children get left alone or with nannies.
  • Yes ... but as long as it's either parent. There just seems to be something special about coming home after school to snacks, Mom/Dad helping with the homework, feeling of security, etc., even tho' I never had it. I had some friends who had Moms at home.
  • I definitely think part of the problem with kids today are daycares, babysitters, television, or the computer is doing most of the raising of children, while parents are having to work. If you have a parent at home, it is clearly better for the children though not economically realistic anymore. That being said, it doesn't always have to be the woman staying at home. If she has a better career than her husband or both parties are comfortable, it is acceptable for the father to stay at home.
  • i disagree with EVERYONE on here. I think kids are prob better off at home for maybe a year 2 at the most. its shown. kids who go to daycare and preschool are not only better prepared for school but also adapt better socially with other kids. ive seen it with my own eyes.
  • Why does it have to be the Mom? How bout the Dad?
  • A woman, or man for that matter, should never have to give up "RIGHTS". However, if people are going to commit to raising children by having them, there are requirements that must be fulfilled, such as parental guidance, emotional support, intellectual encouragement and moral guidance. My mother was a stay at home mom and she sucked. My life was not made better by my mother being home with us kids. Life would not have been better if my father stayed home either. But then, unprepared parenting seems to be the norm these days. Children need to learn how to be functional humans and no one can do that other than family. Teachers aren't paid to educate children in what is moral, in religion, or how to function in the world... Maybe we as a society should consider extended family again as a solution for child rearing. The best examples of children being raised in a whole-healthy environment seems to come from families where grandparents are also involved, watch the kids, give love and cover for parents who need to work. This is not to say that it the grandparents' responsibility to raise their childrens' kids. But, if we are going to demand equality of the genders (and some of us do), then it goes without saying that we need another system to supplement the 2 parent family.

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