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  • Dont worry your b/f dosnt watch porn and think "man i wish my g/f had breasts like these etc" Some of us including me find A and B cup size breasts very sexy compared to a women with DD's that look so unnatural and unsexy so dont feel bad about it theres nothing wrong with small breasts esp if they are perky :)
  • Don't assume that these are his fanasy women, so don't be intimidated. Also, I disagree that "women should accept porn". If a woman likes it or tolerates, OK, but you don't have to put up with a porn watching boyfriend if you don't want to.
  • If you are not ok with your bf watching porn, and you are not ok with your body, maybe you shouldn't have a bf yet
  • Absolutely no need to get insecure. I watch porn from time to time, and while it is a cheap thrill for a bit, pretty soon the thrill runs out. It is temporary and nothing replaces the sex I have with my gf. (Still the best sex I have ever had!!!) Here is the funny part. My gf will watch porn from time to time - she used to actually enjoy watching gay porn - and she says the same thing. Cheap thrill. wears off. As someone once said, porn is what you watch when your imagination can't think of anything better. Assuming your bf is an adult, he knows this - instinctively, if not intellectually. If he is a teen boy, that's a bit different. Teens are generally too young and inexperienced to separate the reality from the fantasy - and that can cause problems when they learn things that just aren't so. However, I am guessing, that is not the problem here. Be secure in yourself. He would not be with you if he didn't like you - and by the way, confidence in a woman can be really sexy to a guy.

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