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  • Yes, Me parents are that way. And I'd rather not have much to do with them. But I'm also adopted, so that might have something to do with it...
  • Not just difficult,..impossible.
  • i doubt i'd even be able to speak with them. i don't even like kids except for my own.
  • Not really. But I wouldn't be interacting with them a lot, so if it's not at work they probably would stop associating with me.
  • If I didnt know the whole story I would try to find out y they feel that way.
  • If I was in such a situation where I was forced to associate with them, then yes I would find it difficult. Even though it would be wrong for me to assume too much because I could not possibly know the facts about the person and their situation. Sadly we as humans judge people by how we feel things should be and not how others feel about them. Many of us say we are open and do not judge others but we should admit that when others do not behave like we think they should by our own standards we do turn our noses up to them.
  • Yes..absolutely. That is abnormal and frightening. Normal, natural is being willing to give your life for your child. I surround myself with normal people. Happy Wednesday! :)
  • Associate, no, relate to yes. I can tolerate people, it might help the children if you can associate with them, you might rub off on them. ;0)
  • i find it very difficult! (does my head in!) :(
  • I could probably talk to them on a very superficial level, but not relate. I can't even fathom it really.
  • Yes very. An example.. all those kids out there that are abused. NO one deserves to be treated like that...
  • No, do you?
  • In terms of associating with them, I would say that I would probably be okay with associating with them. I suspect that I would probably try to change their mindset a little if I could, but I don't think I'd stop associating with them because of it. (Some of the reasoning behind this is written below.) I wouldn't be able to relate to them because I wouldn't understand why someone would behave that way. Even if they gave me a reason, I would likely try to change their way of thinking. Many individuals make quick assessments about a person (whether that person is good or bad) based on how they behave in situations without really understanding why that behavior has occurred. One thing I've learned over the years (through interactions with various individuals) is that people have different (and in some cases, weird) ways of expressing caring and love. While most people are very warm and loving, some appear to be cold and berating. They never say, "Good job" or give any sort of positive feedback. Instead they like to nitpick at tiny flaws and point out how things could have been better. It's almost like they're showing some tough love. Why would someone do this? It could happen because they were brought up that way and they think they turned out okay. Maybe they compared themselves to others who were brought up in a loving environment and see those individuals as being weak. It could be that the parents had read a study that found that more great individuals come from rough upbringings (a very cold and rejecting parent, financial destitution, etc.) and were hoping that their child would be one of those (that's not to say that many great ones don't come from warm, loving homes and wealthy families). It could be any number of reasons why this occurs, but it does for one reason or another. Of course, it could also be that the parent has feelings of resentment toward the child because they may have had to sacrifice their hopes and dreams so that they could take care of the child, or maybe it's some other reason. I'm certain though that many of these parents, if faced with the possibility of the child being taken away from them (either through child services or if the child is in an ICU), would show that they care for and love their children.
  • not really. I know someone who told me that she became friends with her kids only after they became adults because she never knew how to handle kids. Luckily she had an understanding mom in law who brought up her kids from down the road.
  • Yes, but you do need the whole story before I could really answer. Compassion is suppose to be unconditional and I would assume that if they are lacking that somethings really not right.
  • yes, and id be suspisios of the level of thier care, anyone who lacks compassion for thier children are scum!!
  • yes, it would be very awkward....that is very cold.
  • totally sad, such a situation. difficult yes. Have seen this. Woman walking with her son, yelling at him that she was going to throw him away if he didn't hurry up. He was screaming in fear and she just kept saying the same thing over and over. Shouting at him. Everybody on the street was totally overwhelmed with this.
  • Of course I would. That is a very difficult situation, and naturally, not an easy one to be involved in. Especially when the person involved was quite compassionate with his/ her own children. I would suggest living by example and setting a high standard. Maybe love and kindness is the answer. Maybe you have to back away. You can only do so much in how someone deals with their own kids - unfortunately.

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