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  • Semen tends to be hotter than the body temperature by a slight degree, because of the massive amount of blood flow during ejaculation. Sperm, on the other hand (of which there is not enough to notice either way), is colder than normal body temperature, because Sperm dies at 98.6 degrees, a protective mechanism that ensures only the strongest Sperm can fertilize the egg by enduring a woman's 98.6 degree uterus. So, yes the semen produced by the prostate gland is slightly elevated above normal temperature, but not to the point where most women would notice. Diet may be a factor, or she is exceedingly sensitive. Not ever having had female genitalia (I think? :P) I can't say one way or the other.
  • there are times where i can feel my mates ejaculate as it is slightly warmer than my vagina. then there are some times that i don't notice it at all, only the fact that i felt his penis throbbng upon ejaculating.

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