• Obama is not black but is kixed what is known as a zebra. He has sued the racial tag as being balck in order to get votes. Now it is time for him to put up or shut up. Mr Bill
  • No, I would consider you a smart person. Besides he's half black and half white. As far as I can tell the merits of a person are not based on their skin but rather their actions.
  • He acts more like a man not black or white man. He's half of each, I'm like you you let's see him do good or bad and hope it's good. I've never understood it, if you have 1/8 black in you people say your black. I've got 1/8 Indian in me and I'm white.
  • One thing should have nothing to do with the other. Being black ain't gonna save him from or make it any easier to get the job done
  • I'd consider you bigoted if you did NOT think that.
  • I don't think your a bad person. I think the same way you do.
  • On the contrary, by far the most important thing is that he be a good president. It is extremely pleasing that he is (we hope) a good president that happens to be black. It says a lot for the state of America that his colour has got in his way. It is also good that he is not a Black Politician, like Jesse Jackson, but a politician that is black. But America (and the world) needs the best man or woman for the job, regardless of colour.
  • We should all be hoping (praying) that he is successful as we should do no matter who is President. But, a brief history lesson.....the Congress and Senate actually controls more of the power......taxing, spending, etc. Check out the Citizens Against Government Waste website and you'll see what I mean.
  • No! Although I think it's culturally and historically important that we have elected a black President, the bottom line is obviously his performance in leading our nation. The fact that you care more about his accomplishments than his race simply means that you are an enlightened person looking at this situation without race as a factor, which is a good thing.
  • Not at all. The important thing is what he does for the country, whether he's black, white, or purple. His color doesn't and shouldn't matter.
  • Not bad just honest. Actions do speak loder than words!
  • Well he did say it was time to look forward ;0)
  • As Dr. King said, let's judge people "not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character". Mr. Obama's character should be quite evident through his actions as President.
  • Not at all. In fact, if you were overly concerned about the color of his skin that would be more telling regarding your views on racism and reverse racism. As with any job, performance should be evaluated based on merits and accomplishments only.
  • No, I consider you are a conscientious person who like some of us are worried about the actual situation in the country and hope for a better future. President Obama is not a black person but a biracial one, his mother was white and his father black African. But if you wish to call him black I don't have a problem with that.
  • Not at all. Obama didn't run as a "black" candidate. The issue didn't really come up until McCain's concession speach. And while he may be Afro-American, Obama is certainly not "American Negro". If I'd thought this issue was about race, or even that it would have turned the was it has after the election, I would have voted Libertarian for the first time in my life.

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