• Well, I don't feel as if I can make a judgment as to whether a 10 year age gap is a good idea or not without knowing you and the guy. I think it is possible for a relationship to work with an age gap that large, but it depends on the individuals. My parents had a 10 year age gap, and it didn't work out for them. I think one of the 'cons' would be facing the people who would make a judgment of you based on the age gap, without finding out more first. You'd get a lot of people who would voice their disapproval, and a lot of people that would assume he was controlling/domineering/etc. Also, (this depends greatly on your age of course) your parents may not be thrilled. However, if the connection is there, and you feel that you can stick with it, then go for it. I wish you the best of luck.
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. The IS is the land of mental midgets. Sex is used to sell everything from cars, gum, burger, pizza, to eye glasses, that is, so long as it fits in the box that society wants to put it in. And half the time they do not know where to find the box. So long as you are comfortable in a relationship with a person 10. 13.18 years older then it is OK. You have to live your life for you and make your way to your own happiness. There are issues to take in to consideration, surely. The pluses in a nutshell: <>A more mature stable fellow <>Someone with life experience. <>Has his own money <>care for finer things not just getting you to the bedroom. Issues that might not be so pleasant: <>People staring and whispering under their breath. <>Finding common interest that both can enjoy. <>Maybe other children or ex wives. <>Stamina if he did not take care of himself. <>Other medical problems if he did not take car of himself. I am way older than my fiancee but we get along well because I don't talk down to her like junior partner. We are respectful of where we have been and where we are now. There are many things we have taught and learned about from both out cultures and generational experience. If you are willing to take as you give, you can have a great union. Look at Celine and her husband.
  • i dont see anything wrong with it as long as youre over 18
  • I have dated a number of women 10 or more years younger than me and married two. I was 12 years older than one and 14 years older than the other. I don't think there is much problem until there is 20 or more years separation in age and then only because you and they have different interests. If you and the other person enjoy each other go for it.

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