• Not to me. If you told me I looked tired I would ask if you were volunteering to do the housework well I got some sleep Laughs.
  • I don't usually look on it as the highest of praise;)
  • Women usually take this to mean that they have bags or circles under their eyes. Unless they really haven't been getting enough sleep or have been working hard they may take offence thinking it means they look terrible.
  • Well its kind of telling them they look "ratty" or "ragged", only bad if they aren't tired, like saying congratulations to someone for their pregnancy when they are not :)
  • I don't consider it being an insult, just a comment a bit out of place. Maybe that person just came out of a spa, or came from a vacation, or a getaway. You never know and telling them that they look tired might make them think that money and time have been wasted. You could ask them how that person is doing if you suspect they are tired for a reason.
  • Since the essence of feminine beauty is (by and large) tight, youthful looking skin, to tell a woman she looks tired is insinuating that she looks older than her years. Does this make sense? I don't want you going to the other extreme and only paying false compliments. If you are alredy in an established relationship you could probably say it with no harm done, being as how the lady already knows you and would instantly recognize your concern.
  • I understand how your comment might be taken as an insult by some women. My wife and I have this discussion occasionally. She accuses me of meaning something other than what I actually say. I have to remind her that I'm a very literal thinker. I say EXACTLY what I mean. Doing so facilitates effective communication and...'s simpler. The only reason I can see someone imagining you might have hidden meanings to your words would be that THEY THEMSELVES send mixed messages.
  • Women pride themselves on being able to handle a lot and juggle alot, hold the fort so to speak. It is kind of like telling a man they look weak. It may be true, they may look weak but they don't want to hear it. A better word to use would be sleepy. Sleepy is cute. Tired to a woman means strung out, unable to cope. It is a pride thing you know. Besides if a woman is tired she is more likely to bite your head off! I know I am.
  • I have never been aware of this myself ,ive told plenty of females they look tired,i actually told a friend on thursday and she didnt take it as an insult ,i think it just depends how sensitive the woman is but if someone said it to me i certainly wouldnt take it the wrong way.
  • It depends on the woman you are saying it to, and your relationship with her. Unless a very good friend of mine said that to me, (someone who would genuinely know how I look when I am tired), I might be a bit put off, but I wouldn't be very offended. Other women I know would be very upset. It truly depends on the sensitivity level of the woman you are saying it to.
  • I'm surprised you made back to AB : o
  • If you say "honey you've had a really busy day, you look tired, let me do the dishes" That's OK. but if it SOUNDS like "you look tired, you look 10 years older" then you are on thin ice!
  • It depends on how it's said. If someone says it in a sweet caring voice I usually respond with 'Yeah I am really tired' but if it's like "WHOA, you look TIRED" I assume that means I look like a bag of crap that just rolled out of bed!

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