• Of course you will. The best thing to do is stop trying to be happy, if you're still unhappy about the break-up and therefore not over your ex, give yourself time to sit and cry, get over them properly. Once you are over your ex you'll be able to move on and be happy. I agree, a lot easier said than done but I've been there and done it, it does take time so don't worry about the fact that it's been over a year - just give yourself as much time as you need. Good luck :D
  • Yes. You have to start looking at what the other ones have, they might not be your ex but they'll all have their good points. Its understandable that you compare new people with ex, but you need to look ahead and think of what you could have now, not what you've lost. Either that or try to get back with our ex if that's a plausible option.
  • Yes you will. I had the same problem mine only lasted for about 6 months when i realized he is my ex for a reason so he can't be perfect. Every guy is different from each other. So you will never find a guy exactly like your ex and you may think you want one just like him, you don't. But you will find happiness just give it time.
  • thats up to you

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