• That is very nice of him.
  • I like it. I am pleased that the two candidates are showing each other the respect and honour they both deserve. Just because I would not have supported McCain, that does not mean that I do not think that he is an admirable, heroic, and patriotic servant of his country. And Obama is saying the same. Even in losing the election, McCain has served is country by giving the electorate a genuine, high quality alternative to the one the eventually chose. (Pity about Palin, though).
  • I think it shows that our new President is a gentleman! Very nice touch.
  • That is very thoughtful!
  • I agree. Not only does it make him extremely gracious it also makes him extremely politically savvy. President - elect Obama is facing challenges he will never surmount without the help and support of the House and Senate. I think he understands this and is acting accordingly. I think that makes him gracious, politically savvy, and smart. Not to bad for a guy that 7 years ago was so broke his debit card was declined.
  • That is very very cordial of him. It only proves further that Barack Obama is a very good man and that he thinks about everyone around him.
  • In the world of politics, it has nothing to do with 'gracious' and everything to do with 'politics' and 'power'. . As a politician, one cannot get anything done without greasing the squeeky wheels or applying political power as necessary. . That's not being's just how it works.
  • I think that is a wonderful idea.
  • I think that was a nice and intelligent move.
  • Very classy, even after all the lies and dirty tricks that McCain pulled. I wonder if McCain would have done the same were he on the other side?
  • Please ignore!!
  • I believe Obama is proving himself on a daily basis as to the kind of President he is going to be. This is just another shining example. I also think he is following the example of Abe Lincoln in embracing his opponent and making every effort to learn how to deal with both sides in a fair, impartial, unbiased manner without regard to party lines. Obama is one of the few who does not really see red and blue, Dems and Repubs, but knows that we are in this thing together and it will take everyone to solve the problems we have. Good Thursday to you, Rosie, and thanks for asking a question about a subject I love to answer on.
  • It shows you a lot about Mr. Obama's character. We're bring class back into the white house.
  • It IS gracious - something we haven't seen since maybe JFK.
  • Very gracious....Obama has been that way to everyone
  • What a kind man he is.
  • My cynical head says it's easy to be gracious when you win, but in this case I think he's probably genuinely a nice guy. I hope so!
  • its all an act. McCain also played his part.
  • It's all politics. You are thinking exactly what he was panning on having you to think. This should be expected and is part of the grand illusion as it is all show and tell for the politicos to give a feel good in return for your gullibility. An equitable exchange for ones vote.
  • And people wonder why I voted for him. Things like that are why.
  • It sounds very nice, but it would depend on how it is presented! Perhaps he just wants to rub salt in McCains wounds!
  • It's time to heal

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