• Impeachment is just the trial. It doesn't mean the President is removed from office, necessarily. In this case, the Senate found insufficient cause to remove Clinton from office, so he finished his term normally.
  • The senate didn't want to remove him from office despite all the evidence.
  • The problem is that the Articles of Impeachment according to the Constitution are directed to the OFFICER NOT THE MAN be it a president, judge, governor or other who has committed impeachable offenses. In Clinton's case it was not clear if he was impeached as a man or an officer who committed an offense. My personal opinion is that this was a politically motivated impeachment specially since K. Starr was the accuser who enjoyed every thing he did to offend and humiliate President Clinton. Some politicians had to discredit Bill Clinton as they did not want to loose the next election to another Democrat, this because Clinton had an excellent government with an economical and financial boom for the United States. If you wish to know about impeachable offenses, go to: It would be interesting to read the link as it is quite possible you will see an impeachment sooner than later. If you wish read the Statement of a secret Service Agent on Clinton's Impeachment, link: There was no impeachable offense whatsoever to accuse Al Gore that is why he was not impeached.

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