• I prefer to travel with someone, especially if I am going somewhere I haven't been before.
  • I enjoy the company of someone else but I pay more attention to the way I am driving with other people around to the point that it gives me a lot of anxiety. I don't want to scare them with my psycho driving skills. lol
  • I love to travel, and I like the company of my friends when I go on trips. However, I've traveled abroad by myself. It's important to keep your eyes open, to keep your wits about you and understand safety precautions, but I'm not so afraid to be alone that it would deter me from going.
  • I love to travel it dosent matter to me if im on my own or not.
  • If you are referring to going to somewhere like the grocery store, I prefer going alone. Traveling in the sense of vacation, certainly I feel more comfortable going with someone.
  • I like to be with at least one person when I'm traveling.
  • I like company.
  • I have no problem traveling by myself, im a big guy and can take care of myself. But....I prefer someone to go along for the conversation and company.
  • The latter, in 6 cases out of 16.
  • I have done both, and although it is fun and good for you to adventure alone, it is safer to do so with someone. I have used trains, planes and auto to travel alone. I have traveled with someone using same transport. I like traveling, so to me, it doesn't matter, as long as I am going someplace. One does have to be aware of everything around them when going alone. You CAN relax a bit more when there are 2 or more people.
  • If going a long distance, like more than 400 miles, I would like company. I don't mind taking short or even medium trips by myself, especially in a car.
  • I prefer traveling with someone, mainly my husband. We have a terrific time together. It's great to have someone to share good times with and for company. We love reading to each other. And if we're parted we just miss each other too much. So it's more fun to be together.
  • "Traveling" as in away from home to another, distant place..definitely with someone. But going to the market, library, a bookstore, a cookware store..alone is hunky dorry! :)
  • With someone, i really hate doing it alone =( But i will if i have to.
  • Definately with someone. But I am a female, that may be why. Better safe than sorry!
  • I am comfortable both ways but I prefer to have company.
  • I hate being alone so I would perfer to be with my other half(:
  • I enjoy both format of traveling,alone as well as with others!
  • With someone :)
  • most of the times i prefer travelling with people but sumtimes travelling alone also gives U knowledge as to how to manage things on your own
  • With someone I trust.
  • More comfortable on my own, safer with a companion - I think if you are travelling with someone else you have to both consider each others desires/needs, you have to be flexible and perhaps do things/see things that the other person wants, but you necessarily don't, and vice-versa, therefore, if you are on your own, it's your own adventure, surprise and some time disappointment.
  • I'm more comfortable traveling by myself. Not to say that I mind traveling with others, but most of my traveling is done on the ground and I usually get picked to drive. Ten minutes into the trip, the passengers are all asleep and I'm alone, basically.
  • I do both. I'm comfortable with either, and both have their pros and cons.

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