• "T&A," perhaps made most famous by the song in "A Chorus Line" entitled "Dance 10, Looks 3," is short for a four-letter T word for a woman's breasts plus a three letter A word for a donkey, or what a person sits with. :o)
  • Stick to your guns.... T&A... totally inappropriate for a child.
  • I know of that TNA brand you're talking about.. I see tons of girls around my age with their stuff (which is the reason why I am not interested in those kind of brands)... I'm not sure what it could stand for though, but what about asking the people who work at the store? Surely they must know something about the brand. (Plus, I read in your other post you're from Toronto... me too! Have you tried Winners? They carry tons of stuff from brands such as American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister, that your daughter might be interested in and for cheap compared to the retail price...)
  • TNA is the initials of the Wrestling Promotion ; "Total Non-Stop Action" =TNA .... T&A is a vuler expression meaning Tits and Ass .... since you ask .... Your child wants to wear TNA ; there is NOTHING wrong with that ... at all.
  • If you are refering the the clothing line sold at Aritzia it stands for Talula National Athletics.
  • If your talking about the popular canadian brand clothing TNA, then there is nothing innapropriate about it. It simply stands for Talula National Athlete, and their clothing is sold at the store Aritzia. It's like Lulu Lemon, it's athletic, yet stylish clothing for active teens, (It is mostly directed towards girls) young, and middle-aged women. It is meant to be comfortable enough to excersize in, yet fashionable too, so you can wear it every day. Search TNA online, you'll be directed to its website so you can get a good idea of what your daughter means: That's the TNA website for you to look at. It can be a bit expensive, yes, but their clothing is very well made so it will last a long time, and you will get your wear out of it. I have no idea where you got T&A from, because that's not it's name, and the TNA store has nothing to do with that. A lot of teens nowadays wear stuff like that, there's nothing wrong with their clothing, although I have to say it is specifically directed at teens and young adults, and your daughter is too young for it, and most of their clothing probably won't fit her, if any of it.

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