• Dismiss this gold-digging, social climbing witch immediately. She sounds like nothing more than a high class prostitute to me.
  • Listen to her. Maybe she knows, loves and cares for you in ways that even you can't yo...
  • well.... F**K OFF comes to mind !
  • tell her, "well it's better than what you do, hooker"
  • Tell her or take me as I am or else you do not love me enough
  • If you like your profession and she cant accept what you like to do then maybe its time for a new girlfriend
  • I wouldn't say a word - I'd just go find someone who loves me for who I am!
  • "Oi. Get back to your kitchen, bitch!"
  • Your profession shouldn't have to be in question, unless you're selling drugs or a thief. She seems to be a little too materialistic or into perceptions rather than being in love with you. A good comeback would be: Your intelligence (or beauty) isn't up to par with mine, but I'll do you anyway.
  • you're not the boss of me!! are you kidding me? i actually find this to be completely rude and in no way supportive. are YOU happy with whatever it is you do? why would you want to get a job that is going to be "good enough" for her? shouldn't it be what's good enough for you or what interest you? i would never think of saying something so selfish to my boyfriend even if he was shoveling poop for living.
  • What would I say? I would just say "goodbye, sweet cheeks,..hope you have a nice life"....
  • I'd say: "I've been thinking about school lately. It must be a good place to find clever girls" Anyway, no matter your proffession, education is always a good investment for the future. Good luck!
  • Take it from another woman> go back to college (if you can afford), follow your bliss, get the degree of your dreams and, I bet, you will also get the girl of your dreams.
  • Its not what you would say back to her - its more about what you want. Are you happy with your profession? Could you see yourself training as anything else? If you aren't happy and you have a good idea of what you would like to train as then why not? However, if you are perfectly happy with what you do, its what you want to do then I'd say to her "backoff, if you can't earn enough money for yourself then don't expect me to"
  • i would say goodbye to her
  • i would tell her goodbye, youd be better off with someone else

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