• if my eyes would let me i like hill walking and sight seeing but ive bad eyes so sight seeing is out the picture for me BOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO
  • I like taking the inflatable boat out on the raft in the summer months. I like doing puzzles in the wintertime. I'm sure there are a lot of other hobbies that are seasonal!
  • Gardening yes definately Gardening as soon as Spring arrives its good exercise and the colours are so rewarding throughout!
  • Year round: Anime, manga, cooking, mixing drinks, and, of course, drinking drinks! I like baseball during baseball season.
  • Year round hobbies..I'm very consistent. Cooking, AB, reading..that's pretty much it! I'm not athletic so weather doesn't matter..whether weather is good or not-so-hot, I can still indulge in my hobbies! :)

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