• Heh that was entertaining. Doh, ok back to your question. Try to get him back! Seems you both had your time apart.
  • Maybe if you try to sell that story to Days Of Our Lives, they'll give you good money for it
  • Let him know how you feel and give him one week to respond. If you've heard nothing then its hard, but you'll have to accept you have missed your opportunity and try to move on. If he does want you, he'll come back.
  • Leave him alone and stop playing with his emotions. When he had you, you mistreated him; he tried to give you a second chance and you were still playing games. Now he has a chance of being with someone who wants and appreciates him - be happy for him and find someone that you REALLY want to be with and not just a security blanket.
  • not much you can do if hes already got another girlfriend
  • That's called indecisiveness - try to work on that quality next!

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