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  • They should keep it confidential, though I cannot guarantee that they will do it. And I hope that I can be of help if you need anything message me, remember life is the most precious gift you have, and there are no second chances, I don't know your situation but I know that there are no impossible problems, no matter how you are, you can get through it and become stronger. Think about it and God bless you
  • I think every school has a different policy on this. Why don't you consider telling the counselor you're depressed and leave out the part about suicide. Then, if your parents ask you about it, you'll know. On the other hand, thinking about suicide is a really serious thing, and committing suicide never really solves anything -- it just hurts the people you leave behind. There are all kinds of medicines that can help you overcome the bad feelings. And you should try some of them before making any super-serious decisions. When you are depressed, it's like everything is too much trouble, including asking for help. You don't have any energy. You are SURE that nothing can ever change. But, try to believe me: it IS possible to get rid of those sad feelings and have a much better life. Do you trust your doctor? You could talk about your feelings with him or her. Or you could see if your town has a suicide hotline. Those are great, because they have people you can talk to completely anonymously. Please try to help yourself. It's worth it. The world has some pretty good stuff in it, and you should stick around so you'll have the chance to experience it. Good luck. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.
  • I would say that if you went to your school's counselor about this, he/she might not tell your parents if you asked them not to. However, don't let this keep you from talking to them about it. They can definitely help you. But, you have to tell them everything you've been feeling. You aren't crazy and no good counselor is going to think less of you for what you tell them. These feelings you are having could be a number of different things going on inside your body-not just your mind. Are you in school right now or are you out for the holidays? What is your age and are you male/female? Hang in there. It's worth it. No one ever committed suicide because they wanted to die, they just wanted the pain to go away. You can be well again, I promise.
  • actually, if you want 2 get tecnical. teachers, principles, counselors, drs...ect. r bound BY LAW 2 tell ur parents and/or the authorities if they r aware of any kind of abuse, neglect, or if u tell them u want to injure urself or others or they can go 2 prison for concealing it to get the proper care.
  • This is a predicament. I'm not sure how it works, but I think they have a legal obligation to tell your parents. However, I could be wrong. Can you ask the nurse if there are any matters that require her to notify your parents, the police, or others? You could do that w/o actually giving away your thoughts. Please don't kill yourself! I love teenage girls. We need all we can get. :) Seriously.
  • I'm in the same situation you are my dear. i don't know who i should go to to talk about this. i really don't want my parents to find out, at least not yet. but i know now that I've got to talk to somebody. even if its just a trusted friend instead of a professional. if you feel the same way i do, then yeah, you should talk to someone too. i think it will help both of us.
  • Why wouldnt you want your parents help? Why wouldnt you want them to know you are having a upset and hurting? Maybe they can help change the situation that you are having a hard time dealing with.
  • No confidentiality here, at all. You are a minor. Liability is the name of the game and your school is not going to keep this information from the authorities. I am not telling you not to tell someone, preferably your parents, how you feel. Thoughts of suicide can lead to suicide. this is why intervention is so important. Do not be ashamed. talk to your They will help.
  • they tell your parents and you end up locked in a room of which has rubber padded walls, floors, and ceiling. dont kill urself. thats a stupid idea.
  • i believe they have to but if you are thinking of committing suicide you need to find someone to talk to, like a friend. i would highly recommend talking to a friend.
  • Trust me from personal experience; they will tell. If you really do want to kill yourself, dont tell anyone, because by law(a stupid law) they have to try to prevent it. A failed attempt just make things worse; if your gonna do it do it right.
  • i dont care who you talk to any adult you trust talk to someone.hell talk to me.suicide is not the answer,its forever your problem is temporary.things WILL get better just hang in'll time you'll look back on this and it will seem silly that you thought this have no idea what you will accomplish in life,there are no boundries other than the ones you place on dont quit now.
  • it probably depends how old you are. they are obliged to tell your parents if they think you are in significant danger, but also they are supposed to be confidential. i would try and find out more about it before commiting myself to anything if i were you.
  • You need help! Just tell someone. It's not anything to be ashamed of feeling depressed. The main thing is that you get help. It's your parents' "job" to help you .. please tell them.

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