• i think guiter hero stole rockbands idea because they were the first ones to come out with it
  • I think it was pretty obvious to both of them. I mean all you have to do is think, what instruments are normally in a band? What could we make easily that would be useful, entertaining, and work well with a video game. what exactly did they steal? The idea to have a musical instrument video game? There's nothing wrong with that even if they did, it's called competition, and GUESS WHAT, it lead to rockband 2 and guitar hero 3. It's a GREAT thing that they have similar products because it means they will continue to improve their instruments at a cheaper price. If there was just rockband it would most likely not be as good or and would be more expensive. Did you expect them to say "Shit, they did drums first, now we can't do them" noooo...

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