• I suppose its quite possible. Sometimes I wonder if US politicians are really aliens from two warring worlds trying to subversively take over the goverenment. Neither side ever makes sense for very long.
  • 1) If they do, it looks like they mostly manage not to be recognized. 2) "the (roughly) three centuries from the Scientific Revolution through to the beginning of the modern era of solar system probes were essentially the zenith for belief in extraterrestrials in the West. Many astronomers and other secular thinkers, at least some religious thinkers, and much of the general public were largely satisfied that aliens were a reality. This trend was finally tempered as actual probes visited potential alien abodes in the solar system. The moon was decisively ruled out as a possibility, while Venus and Mars, long the two main candidates for extraterrestrials, showed no obvious evidence of current life. The other large moons of our system which have been visited appear similarly lifeless, though the interesting geothermic forces observed (Io's volcanism, Europa's ocean, Titan's thick atmosphere) have underscored how broad the range of potentially habitable environments may be. Although the hypothesis of a deliberate cosmic silence of advanced extraterrestrials is also a possibility, the failure of the SETI program to detect anything resembling an intelligent radio signal after four decades of effort has at least partially dimmed the prevailing optimism of the beginning of the space age." Source and further information: 3) "There seems to be plenty of evidence out there that aliens exist. This includes histories of different cultures that have encountered aliens, videos, photos and abductee stories. It is up to you to form a personal opinion and either prove or refute the evidence." Source and further information: 4) "A significant percentage of those species are outwardly indistinguishable from humans, right down to such physical minutiae as the same ethnological phenotypes, hair patterns, fingernails and even cartilaginous foldings of the nose and ears. The reason they are so astonishingly similar to the human race is because the "human form" is the same physiognomic archetype of the first humanoids and therefore represents the basic way that evolution most likely takes for the dominant sentient mammalian species on an average Earth-like planet under the influence of the morphogenetic field and the other humanoid races evolved under very specific and usually unique environmental conditions that would have been inhospitable to the human form during the evolutionary process." Source and further information:
  • Depends what you mean by "aliens" as for all you know, humans could be the "aliens" that have mussled in for a while.
  • Yes; all politicians are aliens. This is a joke if you don't get it.

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