• If they don't understand that there are many different people of many different faiths all over the world then I doubt your effort to educate them that is is acceptable to believe whatever you like would do much good. That's unfortunate Thebyann. I hate to hear that but I guess it just goes to prove that ignorance knows no borders. I would be hesitant to reply at all. Anyone that says something like that could be dangerous. I think I would just consider the source and move on with my life.
    • Linda Joy
      The source of the anger comes from the violence Muslims perpetrate specifically in the name of Allah as Muslims making some kind of violent 'statement' well the statement translates to 'please do hate all Muslims because we hate you, INFIDELS!! Hate is a natural response to such worldwide violence.
  • He and you should ignore them.There are fools and haters in this world,and know nothing better.They themselves will be,in turn,hated by others,for everything will even itself out.
  • my dear daughter while in high school had a number of friends who were muslims, and it gave her and i a chance to see how prejudiced this world is, especially since 9/11. regardless of ones religious beleifs, this kind of comment should be taken for what it is worth, a comment from a complete ass. as painful as it might be, smile and walk away. i hope one day we all can live peacefully together and i get a chance to meet my new friends.
    • Linda Joy
      Muslims are the ones spreading violence over the whole world. Its not surprising they are hated for the very reason you stated!
    • Roaring
      A very broad generalization of one faith tradition. Would it be accurate to group all Christians based on extremist Christians like the "White Supremacists"?
  • Tell them, "Go back to your own religion, Muslims hate Australian religion!" Doesn't make sense, right? There is no such thing as "Australian religion". It's the same concept as what they said to you. "Muslim" is defined as "a religion that believes in, or follows Islam". The Muslim religion is not restricted to a specific country, as is the case with most known religions. Ignore their incompetence to distinguish between religion and nationality. :) It's because the people who made those horrible remarks are just plain stupid. xDD
  • Without wishing to offend you, Thebyann, which I trust you already know I wouldn't do, but let's not forget that Australia was originally populated with English criminals, so the type of people who would make such crass remarks can no doubt trace their lineage directly back to one of these original imports. Secondly, these idiots are clearly not speaking on behalf of all Australians - people use generalsations like this to hide behind and make their own bigoted opinions seem more credible, which is, of course, complete BS. Thirdly, Muslims do not come from any particular country, so you could perhaps ask them which country they'd like your husband to return to (with as much sarcasm woven in as possible). Fourthly, you could (or should) just ignore them, as they're obviously not the sort of person you'd wish to associate with. Fifthly, there is no fifthly.
  • I didnt know muslims had their own country
    • ReiSan
      They want to take over the world.
    • mushroom
      There are a dozen countries under the rule of Islamic law, and about 30 with over 90% Muslim population. Perhaps you've heard of the Islamic Republic of Iran?
  • "that doesnt seem to be a very Christian attitude."
  • I feel your pain theby...nothing we can do but trudge through it. Allah is probably just testing you to see if you hide your faith.
  • I might be too stunned to respond. Then I'm sure I would be hurt by these words. I thought Australia is a country with a diverse population. I would be very disappointed by this attitude.
  • Shout back "You're the illegal immigrants here: go ask the Aborigines!" if you want something less aggressive then just smile back "Your government lets me stay here and make more than you... go talk to them about it. "
  • Tell them: Aborigines would say the same thing to them! Go back to England!
  • i would just ignore them, if they know it bothers you they will do it even more
  • try to find out why they hate 'muslims'.. Maybe they 'hate' Muslims because of misinformation about Muslims... Many misinformed people think Muslims and Extremism go hand in hand.. That every Muslim will 'back up' every Muslim Terrorist.. So if there is a population of Muslims in a neighborhood and if some Extremist comes in and starts bombing the place in the name of Islam, people think that those Muslims who were in the neighborhood will reinforce the extremists because of the islamic faith. So basically, they fear the numbers of possible 'enemies' more than the faith itself.. Just goes to show how a few bad Muslim Extremists can give the whole Muslim community a really bad name.. AND no information is being shared about such 'alliances' or 'anti-alliances' between the Extreme Muslims and non Extreme Muslims. Everybody is in the 'dark' as to who is an enemy and who is not... Also keep in mind that many non Muslims get their ideas of Muslims from YouTube and other computer social media which hardly ever puts Muslims in any Peaceable Light. All of those videos are of how the Imams teach that destruction is good even to the point of 'stretching the anus' so that explosives can be inserted as halal.. These are the sorts of informations that everyday people are getting about Islam since the International News is covering attacks being done by such Extreme 'Muslims'.. So maybe this helps you better understand why non Arabic speaking people are keeping their 'safety' guards and nets up... Nobody likes to get blind sided..
  • The are not a human being they are an animal. It's false thinking Australia.
  • Why do you want to move to another country? You would not be allowed in Japan, Italy or Poland. Muslims want to take over the world. The Quran is barbaric.
  • Because as a muslim you're going to wear the stigma of the islamic terrorists. It's a sad fact of life that everyone generalizes. While you may be a peace-loving person of a different religion, you may very well be a terrorist. I dunno. That's life, get used to it.
    • mushroom
      Who is without sin? Ever heard of the Crusades? The Inquisition? Witch hunts?
    • Archie Bunker
      ?? What's your point? What the hell does the Inquisition have to to with Muslims? Or witches?
    • Linda Joy
      @ mushroom The Muslims haven't learned and progressed beyond the violence. That's the difference. **** Muslims are the most violent group in the world! Why anyone would join this group is most likely motivated by violence and hatred to begin with! That's why they recruit from prisons and then they are taught to hate infidels and I don't trust them! That said I have muslim friends so I know they are not all violent. I also have friends that are members of gangs. Its the same principle. I can love them and help them, but I can't trust them. And I have a very strong aversion to anyone trying to mess with our government and monetary systems. Anyone wanting to do that I would say the same - Go back where you came from and change that place wherever it is and don't mess with our way of living. Stop screwing with us out of jealousy! Learn and make the rest of the world better from our example.
  • You laugh at that person and say ""Muslim" is not a race or nationality you dimwit". You Australians have a cheek to talk, though, you go back to Britain and give the country back to the Aborigines first. "
  • dont tell thenn youre a nnuslinn if you dont have to
  • I would say well we would except when you leave they don't let you back in
  • This might help, not sure if it will change things for you though.
  • They say the same thing to EVERYONE NOT muslim who goes to mecca! How hypocritical is that?!! And they hate Muslims For good reason! Muslims are the most violent group in the world! ****** After looking at this list of worldwide attacks perpetrated by muslims in the name of Allah ANY SANE PERSON WOULD NOT WANT THEM IN THIER COUNTRY! Its not prejudice. Muslims brought this on themselves. Its the same reason child abusers are isolated in prison for their own protection. EVERYONE HATES THEM BECAUSE OF HOW THEY ACT! Why would you want to join such a violent group? How often does your husband 'discipline' and your children with violence? You don't have to put up with that! YOU can put a stop to it yourself! I remember telling my abusive husband to his face "I don't care if you kill me I won't be afraid of you anymore!" That was the day I gained my freedom and he lost his control over me!

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