• When someone asks you to learn or understand one of your hobbies, it's one of the greatest feelings in the world. I love it. I've taught how to rollerblade.... I've explained in great depth what I do for a living. I love talking about those things/ hobbies/ passions that mean the world to me. it's a true thrill to share that with someone else who is truly interested in understanding and learning that passion, too. Whether it's been a good friend learning to play my favorite game ... or anything... those are wonderful moments.
  • Few friends of the yrs when they learn about the different crafts that I do, I have went to the Sunday school class for my sister's kids and worked with them a few times also. More people ask question when they learn that I work with computers and I am always happy to answer and/or teach them in any way I can. In fact often find my self giving lesson's on subjects when I go out to do a repair and they ask how to do a certain item so I sit and do walk though with them .
  • Yes, my sons both have learned how to design costumes, and needlepoint projects,and many other crafts and how to Square Dance. They have also taught me their favorite hobby, which is computer games.
  • No, but I'm trying to take on my brother's hobby of car repair to help with my hatred towards him.
  • Once..but he didn't ask, I just taught him since it is family tradition. My dad taught me how to play poker when I was 7 so I taught my son how to play poker. I don't recall anyone ever asking me to show them a years ago I bought my sister a breadmaking machine..bought all the ingredients to make bread and took it over to her and we baked a loaf of bread that day..but she didn't ask, I just did it. :)
  • I have coached the sport of bowling for both friends and family. I taught two of my children the basics of motorcycle riding and my daughter and I help each other with computer issues.

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