• if you have witnesses of the event you should be ok but make sure you not fall into his trap hold on and report him with witnesses of the events
  • Yes, you can. You are aware that you can press charges for bullying? If its that bad then do so. He might not even realise that he's doing it.
  • keep a notes with dates,times of bullying.Bullying can come under many forms,gossip, lack of information to be able to do your job properly and exclusion. If the person starts complaining about you in writing, reply stating facts to your defense and keep those notes/emails AT HOME, not at the office. If it happens again, include the name of your hr manager and start looking for another job.Good luck.
  • Yes you can. 1. You could have gone to his boss or another senior manager with equal power. 2. You could have gone to Human Resources and filed s complaint. 3. You could have gone to Personnel and filed a complaint. 4. You could have contacted your union rep
  • anything is possible

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