• Indonesia Crystal,i know they got more than 12,000 islands.Ive been to 3.You should include this in one of your travels.They say at 6 months to experience the best.
  • I'm from the Philippines, but considers Indonesia my second home.I often travel there.
  • I think it is Singapore.They have a negative growth in population. They offer sops in everything.They help you set up and give loans too.It is a small island but the gdp is great!Check up their websites!
  • Yes, Singapore is nice,where everything is so organized.Shopping haven too,starts at the Changi Airport.:)
  • Singapore has a nice, friendly atmosphere to offer, which is more than what I can say about most other countries. Of course, this is just my opinion, and "atmospheres" will definitely vary from person to person.
  • Oh.I know it could be freezing cold there this time of the year.December weather is good here now.Not too hot,nice warm weather.Glad not humid.Rained today though.
  • I know my answer would not be so fair .. but to me its France !!!
  • Australia, Nice to Chill out and relax even at work! actually you feel in holiday all year long... good food, nice country, easy to find sex partner for a night stand and aussies are friendly poeple..What else? :p
  • The UK because we have a free health service and free prescriptions when you are 60 year old.We must have something else because they are queuing up to get over here from Europe.The only downside is that we have unpredictable weather as it rains a lot.
  • Bhutan, because there the 'National Happiness' level is more important that the national productivity level.

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