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  • It might not be normal but it's ok. Sounds like you've got a winner there.
  • what's the problem? Just enjoy it as much as you can ! :-)
  • It is a littel unusual but not unsafe or unhealthy. My gf likes to lick my ass, too - and it is hot. Believe it or not, by the way, there is a scientific explanation for this. Male sweat includes pheromones that enhance our attraction to females. That is why we still have pubic and body hair, to enhance sweating in those areas. In effect, it is a left over from our prehistoric past designed to help our ancestors attract a mate. It still does the same at an unconscious level to this day. Without realizing it, your gf is unconsciously sexually excited by your perspiration. (By the way, don't confuse perspiration with body odor. The latter is what happens when dirt create bacteria in your sweat. When that happens - at least if it is very intense - it will overwhelm your pheromones and she will just ask you to take a shower. As it is, just coming home from work, bacteria have not had enough time to develop a serious odor and so your gf just thinks of you all drenched in animal sweat and she is having a rather primal reaction. Count your blessings.

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