• By mixing one tablespoon of mercy, three tablespoons of wisdom, and eighty cups of love. (He was not "made", in accordance with religious standards.)
  • If anyone gives you an answer with no evidence, they are not sure either.
  • I was taught in Sunday school as a child that God has no end and no beginning. He has simply always been.
  • This is another interesting article I just Googled which is probably the kind of thing you are looking for: #
  • Which God? God the Father is not made, God the Son is born from God the Father and about God the Spirit I dont know.
  • This is the MOST unanswerable question ever. Is unanswerable a word?
  • When man wanted some one to blame for his own failures or shortcomings, he found an easy tool i.e. God. When you are in crisis,created by your own misdeeds, you find in God an easy escape.
  • I think there are some things we just do not have the answers to and I have no problem saying - I Do Not Know. I do not believe this is proof He does not exist because I cannot answer it. I believe it is proof that I am a mere human who knows only of this world and I am not all-knowing. I still believe in Him and believe I will one day know.
  • Gods in general were created a few millenia back by people who couldn't understand Nature, and so decided to put their hopes and safety on the hands of non existent being(s), that would answer their "prayers". Between Aztecs, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Christians, Native Australians, New Zealanders and Africans, there was an astounding amount of Gods created. Those religions that could fit social and economical needs survived, those that didn't bit the dust. And they all lived happily ever after.
  • And on the 7th day, man created God....
  • If God is all so powerful, could He have not made himself? Yet, another question is, why does He have to to be made? An earlier answer is more appropriate ------ He is !!!! Only a human would think He is made. My cat sure wouldn't know or even care.
  • God is eternal. He is the master of time as well as fate, and He created human beings to ask when and why and how?
  • God is eternal. The Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost have always existed as the eternal Godhead (meaning "Deity" or "Divinity"). I hope that this is helpful. -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!
  • God is Spirit and Truth. He is the First and the Last; He is Alpha, Omega, beginning and the end.
  • Go is not real we humans simply made him up so that we would have something to blame or something to explain that of wich we do not know
  • God was not created. He has always been here. It's impossible for us to understand this because are brains were not designed to understand. Since everything we know has a creator.
  • do you need proof well here it is, without science we would probable be extinct as a human race. Iv skimed thro the bible once and all your GOD has seemed to do is, well actually nothing. Look We can argue all bleedin day or we can just shudup and addmit that we are both right in our own ways. As good humans would say, freedome of religion. By the way im a 26 year old irish man. Im not anonomous.
  • Spontaneously? We will never really know this answer.
  • Why do you find this idea difficult to grasp. Although the concept of an eternal God may be hard to grasp, we can see that it makes sense. If someone else had created God, that person would be the Creator. Yet, as the Bible explains,. (Revelation 4:11)
  • And not a single response using the existing scriptures... Almighty God Jehovah has ALWAYS existed. To accept this takes faith. The sheer size of the universe virtually proves this...the sheer power to make it all happen. On the other hand, Jesus was created...the very first of Jehovah's creations. Colossians 1: 15... Making Jesus older than the universe... Proverbs 8: 22-31 All the angels, from whom Satan arose, were created after Jesus. So Satan is 'younger' than Jesus.
  • Primordial energy always been
  • you need to ask god that question, its too complicated for us humans
  • John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Jesus is the Word.
    • pugwashjw65
      Jesus was "A" god, a spiritual being...the same as Satan is ALSO " A " god.. 2 Corinthians 4:4 (2 Corinthians 4:4) among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, so that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through.
    • Rick
      That speaks of the god of this world who blinds those who believe not. Jesus is not a god . . . . He is God. As in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus is the creator, He is not the same as Satan. Satan was Lucifer the angel who fell Jesus was never an angel. What you believe is what you believe until the Lord Jesus opens your eyes.
  • you need to ask god that question, theres no way anyone can know that
  • You know what ... Just Meditate. You will get the answer of all your questions.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Meditation is not based on facts. Historic records with authenticity are.
    • Abha
      Yes, it's not a fact, but many great people had said that when they meditated, they got to know the answer of all the questions they had, and that they find true peace because of it. I am a hindu, and all our sacred books and tales, point to the fact that one should meditate. Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha, or Guru Nanak, why do you think they are always shown sitting in the position as if they are meditating. And remember, they all belong to different religions. Why do they say all is one ? Can you explain that ? Why does the sacred book of the Hindus, the Bhagvad Gita and the sacred book of Christians, the Bible, have so same phrases with the same meanings. It's also scientifically proven that meditation increases our concentration power and has a very positive effect on our mind. The father of India, Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda, who's birthday is celebrated as World Youth Day, used to meditate. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the missile man of India, once even said that there was a time when he worked so many hours in a day that he didn't properly had the time to sleep, so he used to meditate for just 15 minutes and that those 15 minutes felt like he had slept for 8 hours. He too, believed in the power of meditation. There are so many other examples too. Even when I started to meditate I actually did felt like my concentration has improved. If you want to find true peace, than you must at least try out meditation. Just 5 or 10 minutes a day, what's the problem in trying ? If then you didn't liked it and saw no improvements, than sure, don't do it !
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Exactly, meditation is not based on facts. Quote: "it's not a fact, but many great people had said that when they meditated," It doesn't matter if a person is a billionaire. Anybody can have their own thoughts when meditating. This is nothing more than a hallucination in the real world when facts are not provided.
    • Abha
      The people I am talking about were not billionaires, they were the people who taught the people and served the nations. The beautiful quotes we read everyday are made by them, they were so intelligent people, much more than you could imagine. And also, they urged the people to question every doubts they had, and asked them to stop being plodders. They asked everyone to try out meditation themselves, to discover the truth themselves. Because it is a state/feeling that can't be described, it just can be felt.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      I never said the people you're referring to were billionaires. I understand that Buddha and Gandhi were well known people. I'm using a billionaire as an example to prove that it doesn't matter who ranks higher than the other. In the real world, constructive remarks is what counts, not what I, you or anybody else can imagine. lol
    • Abha
      I am just done with you.....
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Have a good day!
    • Abha
      I always have good days, except the ones when I have to talk to you....
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Then have a ball!
  • you need to ask god that question
  • God never had a beginning. He is past, present and future. Revelation 11:17 "Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned."
    • Rick
      Thank you Jenny for posting Revelation 11:17 it is always good to see another like me. God bless you!!
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      You gave a good biblical answer. I was going to leave you a comment, but it looks like you have everything under control. :)
    • Rick
      I don't have everything under control the Holy Spirit helps by leading me.
    • Abha
      You said that god never had a beginning...... this is something i have heard from almost every person, but no one is able to explain how is that possible ? I mean we are able to think that god will never end, but how can i take the statement in which you said that he never started ! Please explain if you know !
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Rick, you don't have everything under control? The Holy Spirit has to use "somebody" to take full control.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Abha, that's because almost every person does not read Scripture. I'll be glad to be the first one to answer your simple question. Jesus is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Micah 5:2 "But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall He [Jesus] come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, [from everlasting]. Who do you think holds the title of the Almighty God according to Revelation 11:17?
    • Abha
      Hey, You just repeated what you said before. You say God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, which is the same I have heard before ! I have heard that he knows everything, he is almighty, will never start, never end etc... But how ? How can someone know everything ? How can one do anything ? How can someone never start and end ? I am asking that. I want to know on what meaningful basis do you say that he is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient ? Please don't take it as if I am arguing, I just want to really know the thoughts and beliefs of other people.
    • Abha
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Abha, actually I did not repeat myself. I never mentioned that Jesus is God until you asked. I am letting you know the attributes of Jesus in these comments. Nowhere in Scripture will you find that God/Jesus had a beginning. The only way a deity can have a beginning is if it were a man-made god. A created god would not have the attributes of an Almighty God. Quote: "How can someone know everything ?" A true God is ahead of time. This is based on biblical prophecies.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Quote: "Please don't take it as if I am arguing," Be my guest. If you can prove when the beginning of time was first recorded to the infinite of time, then you have an argument. Other than that: "God never had a beginning." Comparing all gods and goddesses from different religions will lead you to knowing who the true God is.
    • Abha
      Oh GOD ! Help me out....
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      I ask if anyone can prove when the infinite of time was created.
    • Rick
      I said I don't have everything under control and I know I will not but the Holy Spirit is my refuge. Just to explain what I was saying. But you already did it lol. :) God bless you and your day as well Jenny.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Hi Rick, I just came across your comment. I see what you mean, but just as long as I have the two-edged sword as mentioned in (Hebrews 4:12), then I do have everything under control when it comes to religious feedback. :)

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