• Most likely, it depends on the renter. Places like apartment complexes are under obligation to run such checks. It doesn't mean you'll be turned down, but you might have to pay a higher deposit, etc. Good luck!
  • Yes, almost guaranteed. You should 1st run a credit report on yourself @ This will tell you what to prepare for.
  • IF you stay away from the complexes and stick with 2 to 4 units, your chances of someone NOT doing a credit check are increased. Many individual landlords have a tendency to be soft or easy on applicants. That doesn't mean those folks won't do the credit checks. Once you find that property and are approved, to protect your deposits: As soon as you get those keys, don't move anything into the property until you prepare a list of everything wrong with the property. Make it perfectly clear you will not be responsible for any pre-existing conditions or needed repairs. Here's what I suggest: Go in defensively! Protect yourself and your deposits! Whatever is told to you, which is not in the lease, send the landlord or agent a letter explaining those things as you see and understand them - from your perspective! This includes repairs, paint, painting, pets, etc. Sign and date the list. Bring or mail it to the landlord or agent. You should do this within 5 calendar days (days in a row). To increase the likelihood of having as much of your deposits as possible returned to you, you should make a list of everything wrong with the property. No matter how minor or unimportant the repair, situation or problem may seem to be, put it on the list! When its not on the list, its your responsibility. In other words, when you move from the property, it will be deducted from your deposits. When damages are more than the deposits, you will be responsible for any and all additional money. B] For the list to be easily read and understood, please clearly print or type the list. Each room or area should have its own heading or title. List all problems in that room or area. Do the same for the next room or area and the next. Do not forget ceilings, walls, floors, closets, doors [front and back], windows, stairways, halls, attic, basement, garage storage shed and, when applicable, any outbuildings; the outside of the house, condominium or apartment. C] List appliances not properly working, leaking faucets, "running" toilets; spots, burns, stains and tears on rugs; cracks on ceilings, walls and floors; chipped, missing and broken tile; cracked, stuck, broken or missing windows and screens; and all other problems as they appear in that room or area. Nails, nail holes and stuck, missing, cracked or broken windows may be in each room or area. DO NOT leave them out or forget them. Put them on the list. Be as specific and clear as possible. You may also wish to take pictures, too. Get duplicates. Sign and date originals & duplicates. Send the originals to the owner or agent. Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: My wonderful family! In the real estate business over 34 years in Pennsylvania. THE ABSOLUTE BEST, MOST WONDERFUL real estate investment group in the world, which I was very proud to be a member of! "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".

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