• Compatibility issue(Coping with others) makes a person unpopular in his/her area!
  • This is a bit broad - you need to give some specifics. I've noticed that the people who are unpopular at work tend to get caught in a cycle: someone dislikes them for some reason, they become paranoid about it, the more paranoid they become the less likeable they are, the more confirmation they receive that they are unliked, and so on round and round. Of course in some environments it's just plain prejudice - you're the wrong gender, race, sexual orientation...
  • For the Workplace, being a team player and being cooperative and able to compromise with your co-workers is essential. If you feel "above" everyone else, they're going to know it and not like it much. As for School, that's more difficult. Once someone is designated as "cool" or "popular" everyone seems to gravitate toward him/her. Some of us were quite shy and found it difficult to push ourselves forward and reach out to others..that made for a pretty lonely school least for me.:)
  • If they have a hygeine problem they might be unpopular.
  • Being a know it all, showing that you think your superior to others. On the other hand could be.... being lazy & only doing enough to just get by.
  • An over achiever is often unpopular
  • I once worked with someone who smelled like how your floss smells when you floss your teeth after it has been awhile. and I don't mean his breath smelled like that, I mean all of him smelled like that. Even his coat. It was SO sick.
  • In my experience having a bad attitude makes people unpopular in both places. People like that tend to bring those around them down, so most people avoid them like the plague.
  • Usually people don't like others that are cocky, smartassish, and an asshole.
  • People who have BO or bad breath, people who can't make eye contact or have nervous tics, people who scowl all the time, people who are smarmy, conniving, or seemingly angry.
  • Yes, people who complain about everything all the time, and act like they are the only ones who do anything right, and like they are the only one in their dept that get things done, etc, etc, they put everyone down... after awhile you don't want to be around them because the negativity is draining.
  • I have always been considered unpopular because I have no social skills. I don't notice or care how other people dress, and what the latest fashion is. I am more interested in the current news than in who is doing whom, and I use language that most people simply don't understand. I believe that work time I am being paid for is time I should be doing work. People I have worked with seemed to think that they weren't getting paid enough to do their best, and they hated it when I received higher salary increases than they did. In school, I never had any trouble completing my assignments, and doing the work correctly. I loved extra credit assignments, and the teachers often gave me time off to go to the library to read, which made the other students hate me. I was raised in a very unpopular religion that other people constantly made fun of, or derided. I believe writing and speaking in as precisely correct language as I can. On the internet this has led to thousands of people thanking me for my answers, which have really helped them, and a few insecure users finding names to call me.
  • Projectile vomitting.
  • Here's a few that come to mind: 1)Body odor and/or bad breath 2)Gossip about co-workers or students/faculty 3)Always asking for things (a ride, a shift covered, an extra dollar, yesterdays homework and/or notes) 4)Always having something depressing or negative to add to conversations. 5)Telling rude or inappropriate jokes that can be considered offensive. 6)Encouraging cheating or stealing or asking someone to cheat or steal for them.
  • for being genuine/real...being themselves
  • foul odor, looks different, just moved to a new city, has terrible acne, has std's, is poor, has bad ethic/grades, brown noses the boss, gets you in trouble, throws off the belle curve, wants you to... I am going to stop now
  • Lying, backbiting, benefiting at the expense of others, moping, moaning, demanding, blaming, moralizing, pushiness, being irresponsible, thoughtlessness.
  • Random Capitalizing
  • Body odor comes to mind.
  • personality comes first in my opinion
  • Where I work the most unpopular people are so because: Big No. 1 stealing from fellow employees. 2. is probably spreading negativity. 3. back-biting/gossiping/putting other people down 4. not doing their job 5. odor
  • Bad breath and/or body odor.
  • sh!tty attitude!
  • Perhaps they are opinionated; self confident;over zealous;too tall;too short or any other type that the insecure find frightening.
  • there are infinite reasons but i am guessing that packing babies for lunch would make one unpopular at work or school.

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