• Accurate unbiased depictions of History.
  • This is taught here but it is optional and it should be mandatory: home ec/parenting, etc. Actually they need to be teaching birth control so they don't have to teach parenting skills. Also budgeting/balancing a checkbook, ***big one** interviewing skills, handling relationship problems with co workers/friends
  • They are not teaching a fraction of the children,because the fraction not being taught are the ones the other students will feed off of!
  • They need to be taught birth control. When I was in school we weren't taught birth control; we just went out and practiced it by ourselves. And, I went to a really small school. We had to have driver's ed. and sex education in the same car. And a lot of kid were home schooled.
  • On a practical note, they dont tech the children enough about finances, how to manage money, how to SAVE !!! how to invest, that could go a long way to helping young kids for when they leave school, in NZ, a lot still leave very young, as young as 16......
  • Common Sense 101 :)
  • Everything that you can teach in school, you can learn in school. All these 'common sense' ideas can't really be taught in a classroom.
  • Definitely Finances, CREDIT, and how to save money. When I was in high school, it was just an elective and wasn't mandatory. I think it would be common sense for the next generations to be mandated to learn about those things. Don't we need the future to be smarter with money? lol
  • How not the be a horrible person driven by greed based decisions....oh, 101.
  • Common sense..It seems america is really slipping when it comes to common sense :)
  • What to expect from our human flaws- easy to recieve-hard to give easy to talk-hard to refrain the tongue, easy to hurt others- hard to heal,easy to set rules- hard to follow easy to dream hard to achieve easy to win hard to lose easy to promise hard to fulfill easy to say love hard to show it every day, easier to forgive harder to ask for forgiveness- easy to make mistakes hard to learn from them easy to criticize hard to improve ourselves easy to think about improving hard to put it into action, easy to read this hard to follow,((hugs))This will let them know that dissapointments are part of life- so are rewards.
  • Living in reality while earning a living.
  • Philosophy, Logic, Critical thinking, Writing, etc...
  • In many cases I'd say respect.
  • Stuff that is useful to life. Workplace things like communication, customer service, applying for a job. What rights you have and how to exercise your rights. Things that are applicable to everyday life that we go through now as adults. Maybe they should teach cleaning to some haha. Managing money and finances including making a budget to live off. Looking after and owning a car. What to do if you're ever in danger. Maybe they should also teach things about depression and what to do if you are depressed seeing as it seems to be such a national problem among teenagers.
  • How to handle emotions, emotional intelligence, empathy, critical thinking. I could go on for a while here lol.
  • Ethics. Although that's probably subjectable.
  • I would say not so much in the schools (however they are teaching alot of stuff that kids really don't need and not teaching them alot of stuff they do need, much of which was mentioned in the other answers) But they need to involve parents WAY that have parents invovled in their school and studies thrive way more, parents need to be teaching thier own kids, WE talk about education reform, well that needs to start in the home, not by pumping millions of dollars into the school districts making them take all these ridiculous tests that really don't mean squat, when they should be concentrating on the home and how the parents can be educating their own children

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