• If you see alot of condoms around, why ask about it? Just leave.
  • Oh, it's just boy scout training..."be prepared"
  • Perhaps he carries them around to impress his male friends like he is some "super stud". The temperature in a car can be very hot or very cold, not a good environment for latex condoms.
  • flag hun
  • ding ding ding!!!! a clue!!!!!!!!
  • Don't let on that you know what they are. Just open a few of them and blow them up and say "Oh cooooool, these are the greatest balloons. Are you really a clown, or something ??, Do you go to a lot of parties ??". Then dump him, the guy is an indiscreet loser.
  • If I dated a guy, and really didn't know him well, and he left condoms all over his car, etc. it would be creepy. I wouldn't see him again.
  • It wouldn't be rude to ask but be prepared to not like the answer. What kind of jerk leaves rubbers lying around?
  • Why stretch things out(rubber)? I think the answer is obvious because that to me is weird leaving them all over the place. Personally if I knew that I would be off.
  • You'd be better off with a guy who wasn't that careless and messy!
  • I had a friend like that, he kept condoms everywhere. They weren't in "plain sight" but they weren't exactly hidden, either. The reason he had them laying around is because he was cheap and would always take them from the infirmary - or whoever was giving out free condoms. He was great to have around at parties, so many impromptu water balloon fights! I will admit that he is probably the exception, but there's no harm in asking.
  • you think maybe he is making balloon animals?
  • oooooooz
  • Some guys have them visible to show something they are not realy...
  • I say follow your gut instinct. Guys do not (unless they are mentally ill) just college condoms and leave them laying out for the whole world to see. I would be afraid to be with him. He may have ALL sorts of diseases and you know that he apparently ONLY wants sex so follow your instinct.
  • It's more rude to leave condoms around. He's most likely trying to impress guys, not girls. But it's a petty thoughtless, or completely slob-like, thing to do.
  • Maybe they are for survival,you can use the non lubricated to carry water with them,and you can fill them with water and start a fire like using a magnifying glass. Condoms are to small for me so I don't wear them.
  • Skip asking. You already know the answer. A man with condoms lying around is not likely to be good relationship material for the long haul. He's either (a) promiscuous or (b) bragging, and neither is a good thing.
  • I would say that it's better safe than sorry, but that IS kinda tacky. Just ask him. Be prepared for the answer, though.
  • I can't believe you're telling people about me.........leaving condoms in the mailbox, the oven and the refrigerator is all about being strategic.......I don't want anything spoiling the mood for us!
  • Perhaps hes hinting? Although I would respect him for promoting safe sex! At least you know he's sensible. Also if you found tonnes of condom packets around that would imply hes sleeping around. Having them everywhere just implies he's well prepared. I say fair play to him! :)
  • When I'm with someone, I make sure I always have at least 2 condoms around because I'll never know when she'll suddenly be in the mood. Too many times I've needed one an not had one (and I refuse to go without). It's not rude to ask. He shouldn't keep condoms in his car, anyway. The heat or cold can weaken them. Now, if he's got condom *wrappers* laying around, then you might want to be concerned. That would imply he sleeps around and doesn't know basic housekeeping.
  • He's very indiscreet. Not a favorable character trait. Ask whatever you want of him. I believe he's the rude one.
  • And what if he looks in your medicine chest; finds birth control pills, ky jelly and herpes medicine. Ask and watch out for the truth.
  • I would be more worried about a guy who has used condoms around.. or even worse.. none at all :|

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