• I can picture you in a plaid skirt and white oxford shirt. I can believe you went to Catholic school. Did Sister Genevie have to smack you with a ruler for being bad?
  • So spanking you with a ruler would be something your use to. OH MY
  • That must be what happened to us. I didnt go that long, I got out early for bad behavior.
  • Absolutely. It's the good little girls that always grow up to be B-A-D!
  • Wow.I too went to a Catholic school for 12 years and I was born Hindu. It was a school where more than 50% couldn't afford even a sheet of plastic to cover themselves up when it rained. I think you have done well for yourself and will be a shining example for others Tjoe.. Consider everything as the best experience you have had!
  • Sure, that's not so hard for me. I'm a recovering Catholic myself. I always hated the way they kept us separated. I needed the girls to help me think.;) What's that we used to say about the schoolgirl uniform... The blouse is cotton, the skirt is wool and those need to be felt.
  • You probably just liked the little school girl you probably just wear a bigger size:))
  • Yeah, I can believe it. What I want to know is did you follow her advice? ;)
  • You apparently didn't make your friends wear rubbers, else you wouldn't have all those kids?
  • No WAY!

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