• Write or type him a letter - just like you're talking to him. Your emotions will come out as you write it - let them flow. Just let go and feel so that you dont explode.
  • Get involved in his funeral services, contact the family members that will oversee the final arrangements. Direct your grief to being helpful to your other relatives and close friends of your grandpa. If that is not possible, go spend some time in solitude and make commitments to your grandpa, promise him how you will live up to his expectations. Make him proud! Let his life be a blessing to you.
  • My grandmother just died in June of this year. I'm still at her house sorting things out. I live 3000 miles away and my family missess me. But I don't want to leave her. I too am distroyed by her death, and know how you feel. I'm starting to come to terms with her never coming back, but I still find myself not excepting she's gone. It's too painful. Maybe we can slowly learn to live without them, but I know I'll never stop missing her. Maybe it's best if we never do, that way at least we know a peice of them is still alive in us forever. I'm sorry for your loss.
  • I am so sorry for your loss! I know exactly how you feel, too. I lost my only Grandfather at almost the exact same age ... and he was, basically, my "father-figure" also, because my dad deserted us when I was 4. It was a DEVASTATING blow. He had meant more to me than any man I had ever known (my GrandPa, not my dad)! The weird thing was, he was not an overly affectionate man either. But, I ALWAYS knew he loved me! It has been 25 years, and I still miss him every single day. Only time, and the love of some other family members can ease the pain. When I think about him, I always think about the many, many good times. I also think about the only clothes I EVER saw him in ... khaki shirt and pants (like Dickeys work clothes). It is the only thing he ever wore. Just remember the good things, laugh at the times yall had together, and remember the way he loved you. It will help some. I remember feeding the cattle with him (he always let me drive the truck, from when I was old enuff to touch the pedals). I bet your GrandPa was like mine ... he would want you to be strong, and just remember. He would probably want you to help your GrandMa (if she's still alive). I know mine did. And, it helped me also, because we talked about him alot, just the 2 of us. I know it hurts. Try to be strong, and good luck to you, Chris!

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