• How long have you two been together? How is the financial situation? His he next or a few at the top of the list of lay-offs? Any kids? Any parents sick or near death? When is the last time you two went and did something without work, kids, family, whatever going with you? Do you even have the money to do that? Health problems in 'that area' are not confined to physical ailments. Men are prone to psychological erectile dysfunction - meaning he can't get or maintain a hardon if he is worried that he will be the next laid off, or if he is thinking about how to care for your mom who lives alone and is sickly. Stress can be a huge reason for no sex. Further just the daily grind of job, taking care of kids, and everything that takes place in a day can be enough to tire a person out to where sex is the last thing on the mind. I have no idea what the general health of your relationship is, I would say it is not good to fair since you are coming here for advice either to ashamed, to scared, or you two are so distant in all things that talking to one another is out of the question. You two need to sit down and discuss this situation, weighing carefully the stresses in your all's life, how tired he is, and how distant you two have allowed yourselves to become over time. Mind once you marry the passion does tend to die down - that mad passionate love is replaced by a deeper commitment where instead of sex companionship becomes all important and is the driving knitting force. Yes companionship can become easily into terms of 'take for granted', however most people who are in a companionship type marriage are 'content' and find their own level and become 'ok' with less sex. Sex is and always will be just the icing to the marriage - it will become the last thing on a long, long list of things that must be done, should be done, and is done in any healthy relationship. If you have time left over (at the end of along busy day) then you have sex, if not then you content yourself with getting a wink more of sleep in an all to short night.
  • For how long is that happening? Because its absolutely normal I have two friends who are moth 23 and they live together and they hardly ever have sex because they are together all the time. Imagine what is happening to a married couple. Cook a nice dinner for him and make him a massage and then everything would be fine.
  • You need to gently approach the subject with him and ask him what is going on. Be prepared for an answer you might not like though. The other two answers are right and give very valid points but every couple's relationship is different and everybody's sex drive is different. If your husband is still loving and caring towards you it more likely to be a physical problem rather than one of him falling out of love. It is more common for a woman to go off sex than a man though, so perhaps he does have some erectile dysfunction problems - which are exacerbated by stress and the fear of not being able to maintain an erection. My advice is to speak to him.
  • If you go to inkaboutit4u and look for the book "Divine Sex" you may find your answer explained very well. Oh yeah don't forget the dot com part.
  • 1. How do you KNOW he doesnt have health issues? When was the last time he had a check up? Were you there? 2. Does he have impotence issues or just doesn't make the attempt at all ? If impotence, has he been examined if not why? Has he tried Viagra? 3. Does he have work stress, new responsibilities, a new boss, did not get a promotion he was counting on? 4. Does he have financial difficulties, behind in payments, didnt get a loan, a kid going to college? 5. Working late, conferences to attend, home less, tired, cheating? Either go to a medical doctor and/or a marriage counselor. If he refuses both you may want advice from a lawyer.

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