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  • Good - you don't want to be with them anyway. It's sometimes a long road to find your true love. Hang in there, keep your chin up and you will find them someday. Trust me, less heartache and definately worth the wait.
  • Not all women like guys like that.
  • why do we eat chocolate instead of spinach, Nobody ever likes whats best for them.
  • All women do not. That's like saying all men love hot girls with snobby attitudes. It's just not true. Different people like different things. You're just obviously chase after the wrong type of girl.
  • First of all, not all women do. Second of all, I don't know why you find it hard to understand why they're rejecting you when you've stated that they have snobby/egotistical attitudes. And finally, why the heck would you go after these guys at all? Don't you deserve better? Pretty wrapping paper on rotten fruit is still rotten fruit;)
  • Rejection is just a part of life you are not going to appeal to everyone, those women may reject you because maybe you are not their type, also you have to learn how to read a womans vibe she will let you know if she likes you or not.
  • Women don't like guys like that (not for very long, anyway). They also don't like guys who are nice all the time and appear desperate so if that's your problem....
  • I don't love guys like that. I also don't like guys that try too hard. Just be yourself :) That should do it.
  • Your first mistake is in trying to understand anything as complex as a woman. Your second big mistake is in assuming that all women think alike, they dont. your third mistake is in trying too hard, chill and one day soon it will happen. GOOD LUCK because women are nuts.
  • Women love makes them want that for their children...that strong masculine appeal. Women like a challenge. But we often get severely burned.
  • I don't. Believe it or not, I really do go for the sweet, cute guy and I would never go for anyone egotistical or snobby.
  • Thanks, man. I've always wondered why all these chicks are all over me. **flexes and kisses bicep*** You've just pin-pointed it. I appreciate that. ...Oh yeah. Good luck with the ladies. I'm sure you'll figure it out.
  • Because that's how they are. All they care about is looks and material things. If you're ugly, make a lot of money and the women will flock to you. Nice/ugly guys finish by it.
  • just remember the good guy always gets the girl. if you are the sweet good guy then you are the one the girl is gonna take home to mommy and daddy. dont try too hard, be yourself, and just be patient and it will happen. good things come to those who wait
  • I don't like snobby but I like a strong confident man who I know will keep me protected both physically and emotionally. If a guy is too nice, I would have doubts about his ability to stand up for me. Being nice is good as long as it doesn't get to the point of timidness.
  • I like guys that are confident, not necessarily snobby. I acyually hate snobby because that means they're insecure inside. I also don't always go for the "hot" guys, I'm kind of a chubby chaser, into guys similar to Seth Rogen. I learned that good looking guys aren't necesarily a plasure to date and guys a little closer to normal that are smart, witty and confident are awesome boyfriends! too nice (i.e. too clingy, not independant, "in love with love") can be very unattractive to me.
  • All women, eh? Well, I know that snobby/egotistical is the LAST thing I'd go for. There are many girls who are so obsessed with their appearance and use men to add to it. They'll end up going for anyone; maybe that's why it seems to you like all girls go for those types of guys. Just be yourself and be patient, it will pay off.
  • Sounds like you are looking in the wrong groups of women. Go somewhere might find that, although women like confidence, not all of them like egotistical men.
  • i dont know i dont i hate snobby people! my guy is not that!
  • Usually anyone who's experience is "all women do X" or "all men are like Y" are either young and have little experience or are older but always go for the same "type". Whenever I have heard men complain about "all women want is a rich guy", they are usually referring to a group of women 15 years or so younger than they are, with large breasts and great looking. Safe bet that women of this description trolling around for older men are indeed looking for money to marry. What is it about your preference in women that leads you to women who are apparently so shallow?
  • Though the majority of women are like this not all are. Maybe you mean all hot/cute women like that kind of man? Honestly the average man is the same way. How many nice looking men or men in general do you see with an overweight or slightly plain woman? Not many. I would think it would be the same either way. Our society is very shallow and our media portrays a good partner as beautiful. I, myself, am not with a hot egotistical or snobby man. My man is a smart, self-sufficient, independent man and far from the stereotype mentioned here. So, in closing I would say that not all women go for men like that. If you are looking for a woman who will not judge you on your looks or ego then you should re-evaluate the type of woman you are seeking.
  • "Nice guys" finish last.
  • its natures game.
  • I don't know, but must express my shock in finding out that apparently I am not a woman. O.O
  • Im a guy but not the macho kind. I could never understand what guys get /out of being macho? Anyway; I recently dated a very snobby woman. I gave her the benefit of the doubt in our conversation. I thought some of her arguements had some merit but she wasnt open-minded at all. I had thought it might be different to date someone who others said was a snob; a little bit of it was fun but I couldnt imagine her ever helping me to do even the simplest thing. I think I can make friends with almost anybody (thats experience talking not ego).Some women think they know what you are going to say before you say it; I try to stay away from this type.Dont we all have likes and dislikes?
  • Not all women. Just the shallow ones. Maybe the problem is where you are looking?
  • Because my friend, the "Nice Guy always finishes last" get used to that phrase. its 100% true. Women like to pretend that they like nice guys, but really its all about the jerk. Being nice to women gets you no wher because according to them that makes you a doormat. My advice to you is to treat women like garbage, and for some sick reason, they'll start being attracted to you.
  • I'll try and sum this up as quickly as I can: In today's world, women no longer need men to protect and provide for them. However, because human DNA hasn't changed that much in the last 100,000 years, their survival instincts still say they need male protection. Ok, let's say there's some jungle beast that's about to rip her and the offspring to shreds. What male partner would have a better chance of defending and saving, her and the offspring, the tame gentle lion or the violent lion? Obvious answer: The violent lion. Conclusion: While women don't need our protection, their unconscious thought pattern says differently. Nice is seen as a weakness where badass behavior as seen as dominant. Modern females unlike jungle beasts have morals, while still posessing some of that jungle instinct...and that's the reason why they say they want a nice guy but fall for the badass. I hope this helps.
  • humans often confuse kindness for weakness.
  • The reason is women confuse ego with confidence. They really can't (or prefer not to) tell the difference. Also, the egomaniacs are heartbreakers. Women thrive on emotion, even senseless, destructive emotion. So a jerk will make her laugh, and cry, and have the whole gamut of emotional turmoil, which women can't get enough of if they can't get an emotional connection any other way. If you're "nice" that means "boring" and hence no emotional stimulus, which means REJECTION. A good book on how to be confident without being a jerk is "How to Become and Alpha Male" by Johnathan Alexander. That way you can give the girl the emotional stuff she craves without being hurtful or a jerk.
  • I don't think that ALL women like hot/cute guys with snobby/egotistical attitudes. I know I don't. I cant understand either why other girls would like guys like that, it's just really weird to me. My bf is a complete nerd lol And I love him that way! We both are somewhat nerdy and he is really cute/hot to me! :) I just think that girls who do go out with guys like that do it for attention and the popularity, specially when you're in school. I never found it worth my time going out with guys like that and rejected every single one of them that asked me out. And dont worry about it sweetie, dont' rush into things. If those girls don't like you then they aren't worth it. You deserve someone who will like you for you! Don't give up though, chances are that someone else is looking for you too, so don't be discouraged from talking to any one you like
  • Well I dont think all women like guys with attitudes. Personally I dont, and maybe the ones who do mistake it for confidence.
  • It's not all women! I think that you might need to be a little more outgoing and aggressive, I think that what works for these snobby guys is that they go after what they want and nice guys hold themselves back. I love nice respectful men and I'm sure most ladies would agree with me as well.
  • What Really turns a woman on is the Bad boy, mr dangerous and daring. it doesn't hurt that the hot/cute guys with attitudes are usually A. hot/cute B. rich and C. Bad for them. just look at Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and Rose Mcgowen.

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