• No. Although I would enjoy such chaos, I hope it doesn't happen.
  • Thats what most people I've talked to think. But I hope not.
  • i hope so it would make great t.v
  • Hmmmmm, I thought he was favourite to win.
  • 1) "When" - What, are you an election rigger? 2) "The Minorities" - We aren't a group of conspirators who plan everything together. 3) I doubt any sane people would riot. Some might be upset, some might be proud he made it this close (IF he loses) [Nov 5th, EDIT] WOW, you have a whole lotta egg on your face now, don't cha?
  • So, apparently, in your non-biased way, you already know that McCain will be appointed
  • No need to answer this question, Obama is going to win :)
  • Yeah, and you better keep your ass inside, or you'll get the ass whooping of your life.
  • I'm a little offended. What makes you think the miniorites will "riot" in the streets? What makes you not think whites will not do so also? People can handle and control themselves better than that. That reminds me of other ignorant people that assume blacks vote for Obama becuase he's black, as if someone can not use thier own mind to reason and come to the conclusion that he is the best choice (and ignore his skin color). Not to mention, that there are blacks voting McCain. Honestly, out of the people I know who are voting for Obama most of them are white. And out of the ones who would even make a fuss about it, most are white. But I assume you know my answer, no. I don't think it will happen. And if it does, so what? I could understand some anger (many miniorites feel the Bush policies don't help them) and there are always going to be those who turn to voilence in situaitons like these, or atleast situaitons where they feel slighted. Do you think the White supporters are going to riot if McCain looses?
  • I'm guessing that no minorities live within fifty miles of you. I'm also guessing that you're a massive bigot who would, given the opportunity, lynch any minority you came across. While I'm on this guessing game, I'll go one further: you never graduated high school and couldn't locate your state on a map of the United States. So that's what I think.
  • Yes. If he loses, they will burn down our cities in protest. If he wins, they will burn down our cities in celebration. I'm selling fire extinguishers on ebay. Get yours today!
  • Christ this is a racist question. Does no one else realize that?
  • I think they'll riot whether he wins or not. Look what they do when their teams win national championships.
  • Anyone who says that the majority of minorities didn't vote based on race is just lying to themselves. If you will look at the statistics, whites are voting roughly 50%-50%. However, blacks are voting 93% Obama. Not only that, there are a record number of black voters in this election. That tells anyone that they have never cared who was elected president in the past, but since there is a black man running, they are voting in hopes that he wins. Strictly a racial thing. Obama will probably win; however it is going to be one of the worst things for this country. Not only is he not qualified, it is going to widen the racial gap even more.
  • I think that if I can't say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything at all.
  • So, charlie, how would you answer your own question now?
  • Unlucky, you racist ass! Still at least you can use your white pillowcase hat to dry your tears.
  • What am I thinking? Im thinking you ought to be feeling a little silly now that Obama won the election. Good on him I say, all the best to Obama and his fellow Americans.
  • Yeah what was that about McCain winning? The minorites rioting? :) well in fact the republican Minorites are not happy! Will they riot?
  • It doesn't take a lot for people to riot these days.
  • have no idea
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