• when we go through a bad neighborhood (one with non-whites) my mom always makes me roll up the windows so i guess she wouldn't like if i dated a non-white girl unless i rolled the windows up first, if you know what i mean ;)
  • Nope, my parents are very open minded. I guess it would be a problem if they weren't because I have never dated within my race..
  • Yeah. Both my parents grew up in Mississippi in the middle of Jim Crow time frame, and they've both said that I'd better not bring a black girl home. No problem with Hispanic girls though. I'm white, and so are my parents, if it helps.
  • My mother would have no problem with it, but my father might. He wouldn't tell me, but I know him well enough that it would bother him a little. I guess that's why he's never met any of my girlfriends.
  • My ex-wife is Asian, and my parents never said or did anything to suggest that they didn't approve, but I did overhear my dad telling my mom that my new girlfriend is normal (white).
  • my sister is engaged to a maori (New Zealander) who is quite dark and my parents weren't so happy at first, however they have since come around and my sister's partner is loved by all the family. (probably helps that they have a 10 month old son). I have dated a few black men since my sister paved the way and my parents have been fine with it.
  • I thought my parents did, but they don't. They would frequently warn me what women of other races can do.

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