• I just felt like the other one I had before....I didn't see her as white but a person I loved ...
  • People are people - I believe everyone is the same. But I will be honest and say that I had a hard time dating an african/american. It's just something that I am not use to, and was nervous about. He was a really awsome guy, we just didn't do anything sexual though. I live in UTAH and this place is ridiculous, I only know what I was raised off of.
  • Race has never been a factor for me. I never even thought about it until I got back to the States after living in Europe for so many years. People here act like interracial relationships are something new and controversial.
  • I really enjoyed her. She was awesome. I went back, though.
  • couldnt tell the diference...
  • My first ever relationship was an interracial one, so it didn't feel like that big a deal that we were of different origins, I mean, we both liked each other regardless of skin colour (I'm Asian, she's White). Although, I was 6 when I had my first relationship, does that count? Well, after that I dated a lot girls who weren't Asian, but it wasn't anything monumental for me.
  • He picked me flowers, it was sweet. I was in kindergarten and he was the sweetest boy ever. He had a great fort under a weeping willow in his backyard too.
  • I don't see anything wrong with interracial relationships. I'm black and I find white, Hispanic, and some black women attractive.
  • I felt cool man.
  • amazing. thats really all i can think to say...he was just...amazing =-) i wish we were still together
  • Didn't even think about it until people pointed it out. I've never looked at a person based on race. Didn't see him any differently than any other person I would date.
  • I didn't care I'm attracted to people based on thier personalitites not thier looks. He was my first interracial relationship but I can't be more thankful to have met him he makes me so happy and yeah we get teased by people sometimes we shrug it off we're with eachother becuse we love one another and stupid things like the colour of our skin don't matter.
  • It was a wonderful relationship, he was the man who opened my eyes and showed me how a woman is suppose to be treated, but the fact that he was white and I'm black had no barring on our relationship whatsoever. We were just two people who fell in love.
  • oh, it was mortifing.. definitly something i would never do again
  • considering i am a mixed race individual, pretty much all of them are technically interracial for me. i dont pay race any mind whatsoever.
  • it was pretty refreshing, i'm black, and dating outside of my race is somethn i've always been open about...dated a white girl and a few hispanic girls...different experiences, but good times...
  • I didnt even think about it. All I know is if life would of worked out different for us I would be in a interracial marriage right now. no doubt. We had this one night that was amazing I will never forget it as long as I live.
  • I felt like I was in love with the guy... I didn't feel any different than I do now... And I am in love with a guy that happens to be just as white as me!!! Love is love it doesn't see colors!!!
  • just like anyother relationship ...if im hispanic/causasian and a date caucasian men does it make it interacial? or with my current relationship he is Italian and Irish Im Spanish, Aztec, Cherokee, Irish, and German does that make it an interacial relationship? hmmm
  • only relationship I've ever had...and I'm still in it. and it's wonderful...
  • I have never been in an interracial relationship. Not because I think it's wrong, it's just never happened.
  • Most of my relationships have been interacial. Including the one I'm in, now. Actually, the one really bad relationship I had, was with someone of my own nationality...Go figure!
  • Loved it :)
  • Never had one
  • I'm in one right now and I love him so much. It's the most fulfilling relationship I've ever had.
  • My first IR relationship was with a gay black male nurse. He was SOOOO sweet and feminine and a total nympho who loved when I went down on him. There was never a day I didn't get to pleasure him multiple times. I thought we'd be together forever but he was forced to move to Dallas and I lost him. My heart still hurts as I loved him so much.

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