• He is extremely spoiled. You shouldn't let him sleep in your room for a day or two and see if he changes his behavior. Btw, during his "time out", don't buckle under the pressure, regardless of what sounds he makes or how much he scratches. Put him somewhere where you can't hear him. If that doesn't work, get back with me for another plan. :)
  • I agree with what Avid-D had to say. Here are some videos that may be helpful as well.
  • The only way to deal with him is to ignore him and his behaviour - he will eventually give up (but it may take a few nights). Either that or get a bigger bed! Link below for stuff of feline behaviour!!
  • I have to ask the obvious question: are you filling his food bowl before going to bed @ night? And always refrain from giving wet food in teh AM: cats do not comprehend time changes or weekends... For you: I suggest Advil PM until your furry buddy learns to sleep until 6:30 or 7AM... ;-)
  • Leave the door to your room open. Problem solved.
  • He's got you trained well:-) You need to train HIM, ignore the behavior. Suffer as long as you need to and just get it done once and for all. Cats are notoriously nocturnal but it is possible to change them over and sleep with the family. Feed him late at night and put him where you want him. Then keep it that way. No yelling, no letting him in or putting him out. And then at a set time in the morning, feed him again. If you must, put him in a crate or kennel for sleeping and leave him there. Ignore the complaints. It may take a few nights but do this and never have to wait again.

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